Recruiting Board Rolling Update - WRs

An update on yesterday's update: RB commit Tauren Poole (Toccoa, GA) is in the AJC as solid to the Vols after looking at S. Carolina and Clemson. Woo!

The 2008 Recruiting Board has been updated -- at least the wide receivers have.

WR Rundown:
Linked to articles on Nick Bass, Arron Boyd (3)  DeAndre Brown, Jaron Brown, Darren Sewell, Deion Walker ... Added Darvin Adams (Kennesaw, GA) Todd Harrelson (Chesapeake, VA)... Considered adding Chance Blackmon (Tatum, TX) who recently decommitted from Colorado and is reportedly showing interest in UT, but hasn't been offered ... Barely held on to Carl Moore and Josh Jarboe -- their leaders keep changing but they hardly ever mention UT.

Dangerously uninformed opinion: Not sure how I missed this Adams kid before, but it looks like he's down to UT and Auburn, with the Tigers leading. Fulmer's got the hammer.

I've seen Nick Bass (Northside-Warner Robins, GA) play, and he's either faster than his listed 4.5, or everybody he was playing against was really slow. His offer list isn't too impressive, with schools like Vandy and Indiana alongside UT. But consider Aaron Boyd's (Lexington, KY) offer list, which has undergone a major upgrade recently. He used to have schools like Alcorn St and Cincinnati listed, now the big boys (like Florida, Miami, and Notre Dame) are getting involved. In a case like that, I'm glad Tennessee was on him early -- though we're probably trailing some of those others now for Boyd.

There's an interesting contrast in how some of these guys handle the recruiting process. On one hand there's a guy like Deion Walker (Christchurch, VA) who's going on whirlwind tours seeing as many campuses as possible, but not really mentioning any one as a leader. Then there's a Josh Jarboe (Ellenwood, GA), who a rotating set of leaders every time he's asked.

And then there's JUCO standout Carl Moore, who when asked by Rivals' Cal writer for a top five, gave UF, USC, LSU, Cal, and Arizona; but when asked by the Washington writer, substituted the Huskies for USC. Early on, he had the Vols in his top three and was really high on playing in the SEC ... of course that was in an interview with Scout's LSU guy. If I don't see reasonable evidence to keep him on the board between now and the next WR update, consider him dropped.

The guy I've got the most interest in is the one I'm sure is going to break my heart along the lines of Patrick Turner and Adarius Bowman, and that's Rodriguez Wilks from Smyrna. The fact that he's an in-state guy, and his brother (Marsalous Johnson) is already a Vol, would make you think he's going to sign with UT. But he says he's in no hurry and he won't announce until late in the fall, and that could be a clue that he's going elsewhere and wants to shorten the amount of time that people are stopping him on the street to say "why did you go with 'X', you know you want to be a Vol..." Then again, maybe he's just looking around and will sign with UT eventually.

Really, though, you want to be a Vol, right?

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