No matter who the new coach is

Whoever Tennessee get as a new coach, I think a Saban like turn around will be unlikely. Lets say it is Mike leach, his current offense will not work with our current Offensive line. So how long will it take him to recruit a line like that? he also a very talented QB and a Top 5 NCAA receiver.(which Tennessee does not, well at least that we have seen so far)

The cubbard will not be bare for whoever it is, but they better be able to evaluate talent and get the correct players on the field in the right position no matter what grade they are in.

in my opinion something that is even going to be more important then being able to recruit nation wide is going to be " EVALUATION OF PLAYER TALENT" we have got to be able to get the right players on the field.

Also this is a huge factor in recruiting, in today's era these young kids are going to the schools where they can play right away and not to sit on the sideline for two years.

I personally hope Mike Hamilton hits it out of the park on this one(as does everyone) but the more I hear about Kiffin the more I don't like, I worry that Leach 's offense will only work with the perfect type players in place. I would like to see Petterson's offense work against an SEC type defense. Muschamp is giving up tons of yards down in Texas.

Also I would like to get a coach that has proven himself in more then one place and for more then a cpl years were his offense and players were a perfect match. like dare I say a Saban type.

Look at Rodriguez at Michigan, was it just a perfect match in WVA of the right players at the right time. or Patrino at Arkansas, did he have lightning in a bottle at Louisville?  Spurrier would not even be considered a good coach if he was only looked at for his redskins and South Carolina stints. Same with Fulmer when he had so much talent that the coaching didn't matter he skyrocketed his wining percentage.

I just think it takes a combination of coaching and talent (unless your name is Saban) So no matter who the next coach is he has to be able to get the talent in here and then evaluate it and get the most out of them.



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