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Bumped from the diaries. Many thanks to Aerobab for recognizing the need for commentary upon the current poll.
The polls really need to have the ability to leave comments!  Feel free to leave yours.

With respect to the Was the 2007-2008 basketball season disappointing? poll, I voted for "Not at all" based on the team's regular season play.  Simply outstanding, with a few hiccups at Vandy and Kentucky.  Any time that a team wins a regular season conference championship, the season is a success.  Any time that you can claim #1 in the RPI and media/coaches polls late in the season, and finish the regular season with a 28-3 record, the season is a success...not to mention when it's accomplished with the #1 strength of schedule!

They accomplished all of this with unselfish teamwork (Department of Redundancy Department?), hard work, hustle, desire, care of the ball, skill, design, and strategy.  Mission: Accomplished, sirs!  In the voice of Borat: "Great Success!"

However, I was horribly disappointed in watching the team's various performances (wins and losses) in each of the tournament games (SEC and NCAA).  I wasn't disappointed in the fact that we simply lost to Arkansas and Louisville in the post-season; losses happen.  However, I was disappointed that the quality of the product had diminished.  As a team, the ball handling was atrocious, players weren't working to get open, defense went to sleep, and we were just out-played, out-hustled and generally out-wanted by the majority of the various tournament teams we faced.  Nearly enough to make me puke, regardless of the SEC Semi-final and NCAA Sweet-Sixteen appearances.

The good news is that this partial-disappointment is entirely based on high-expectations.  Under former Coaches Green & Peterson hot starts to seasons were known, rather--expected, to completely fizzle come the end of a season where we oft found ourselves lucky to just receive an NIT, let alone an NCAA, tourney bid.  I can accept loosing to superior competition; it's part of the game.  However, I have a difficult time in accepting an inferior product from what I became accustomed to watching over the preceding five  months.  Aside from the "J.P. Prince Experiment" in the NCAA Tourney (which I believe was a failure, but more on that later), I have no idea what changed or why.  It's certainly painful though.

However, looking at the season's work and realizing that I'm purturbed over a 31-5 mark?  Wow!  There's no shame in that!

It's great to be a Tennessee Vol!

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