Gerald Jones' WOODWORK v. Berry's PIG INT: Best Plays of 2007

Next up in the Best Plays of 2007 Brackety-ish Thingy is another No. 1 seed, Gerald Jones' OH . . . WOODWORK, versus another No. 4 seed, Eric Berry's PIG INT.

The contestants:

Gerald Jones OHHH . . . WOODWORK!

At stake: Hmm. See the Kentucky Denouement. A trip to the SECCG and a shot at a BCS bowl or a streak-busting loss to Kentucky, a trip to a bowl named after a fruit or a chicken, and off-season discussion of the temperature of things to sit on.

In-game context: As we said earlier, this game was the Vols', at least in the first half. Then we rolled out the old prevent late in the second, and Kentucky tied it (and almost won in regulation). Gerald Jones figured prominently in most of the overtimes for the Vols, beginning with this gem:

Impact: From there, Jones went on to get a remarkable first down, a block for a touchdown, and a decoy for a touchdown, and Tennessee earned a trip to the SEC Championship Game.

Eric Berry's PIG INT

At stake: Um, again, see the See Arian Run, See Ref Fall set up. (It's the same as the Kentucky link above.) The twist here is that not only were our running backs motivated to outshine Messers. McFadden and Jones, but our defense was motivated to stop 'em. Surely, stopping Humanity Advanced would be a futile effort, right?

In-game context: No, and once we shut down the running backs and forced the Hogs into a throwing game, things got really fun. And argh, I just spent fifteen minutes writing about the wrong Berry interception. Well, that will happen with Berry. No, this isn't the Hail Mary at the end of the half, this is the salt-in-the-wound one at the end of the game, pretty much after everything had already been decided.

Impact: It was a fitting end to the game. Can't run. Can't throw. Can't hide. And Tennessee's riding the high all the way to Atlanta.

So which of these two will advance? That's up to you. Vote below.

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