Gerald Jones' Woodwork v. Yeehaw for Penalties

Time for the second Round Two match up in the Best Plays of 2007 Brackety-ish Thingy. This one pits one seed Gerald Jones' Woodwork against three seed Yeehaw for Penalties. In the first round, Woodwork beat Eric Berry's PIG INT 58-1, and Yeehaw for Penalties beat Mayo-nnazing 40-19.

Today's contestants:

Gerald Jones' Woodwork! (1)

At stake: Hmm. See the Kentucky Denouement. A trip to the SECCG and a shot at a BCS bowl or a streak-busting loss to Kentucky, a trip to a bowl named after a fruit or a chicken, and off-season discussion of the temperature of things to sit on.

In-game context: As we said earlier, this game was the Vols', at least in the first half. Then we rolled out the old prevent late in the second, and Kentucky tied it (and almost won in regulation). Gerald Jones figured prominently in most of the overtimes for the Vols, beginning with this gem:

Impact: From there, Jones went on to get a remarkable first down, a block for a touchdown, and a decoy for a touchdown, and Tennessee earned a trip to the SEC Championship Game.

Yeehaw for Penalties! (3)

At stake: Tennessee had lost two of its first three games. We were then thumper in the Georgia game and thumpee in the Alabama game. Against Steve Spurrier, we decided to consolidate things a bit and play both parts in one game.

In-game context: Yikes, this was a frightening game. Thumper finished the first half up 21-0. Thumpee then somehow found itself down 24-21 with only two minutes left in the game. After a nice 37-yard kickoff return by LaMarcus Coker, Erik Ainge led the offense to the Spurrier 26 and then gave up a nine yard sack, almost losing possession of the ball in the process. After an incompletion on third and ten, Daniel Lincoln sets up for a 43-yard field goal with nine seconds left:

Impact: Sheesh, Daniel. Yes, Tennessee tied the game, and then Lincoln won the game in OT by hitting his field goal and watching his Gamecock counterpart miss his.

You decide which play advances into the third round. Vote below. Poll closes Wednesday night at midnight.

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