The Kentucky Denouement v. Woodwork

[Note by Joel, 05/30/08 7:29 AM EDT ] At the time the poll closed, this one was tied, so I'm opening it back up until noon today.

Whew, that is a long drive. Back on good old Rocky Top.

We're now to the Final Four in the Best Plays of 2007 Brackety-ish Thingy, and three of 'em are from the Kentucky game. No real surprise. How we got here:

Th.., 5/22
Tues., 5/27
Th., 5/29
Fri., 5/30
1. Eric Berry's INT and return for TD against Florida
KY Denouement
4. Dennis Rogan's 53-yard punt return against Vanderbilt
3. Team thwartation of KY's 2-point attempt in 5th OT
KY Denouement
2. Arian Foster's 59-yard TD against Arkansas
1. Gerald Jones' TD in OT against Kentucky
4. Eric Berry's INT against Arkansas
3. Daniel Lincoln's missed/made FG against Steve Spurrier
Yeehaw for Penalties
2. Jerod Mayo's INT and return for a TD against Arkansas
Fri., 5/23
Wed., 5/28
1. Dan Williams' blocked FG in OT against Kentucky
Big Dan Got Mad Ups
Big Dan Got Mad Ups
4. Jacques McClendon's fumble recovery against Steve Spurrier
3. Eric Berry's fumble recovery and 52-yard return against Steve Spurrier
Spurrier's Incontinence, Part II
2. Dennis Rogan's 78-yard KO return against Arkansas
1. Antonio Reynolds' INT and 70-yard return for TD against Louisiana-Lafayette
Reynolds Makes Sure UL-Laf
That Play Again
4. LaMarcus Coker's 74-yard KO return against Florida
3. Erik Ainge to Arian Foster for 65-yard TD against Kentucky
That Play Again
2. Lucas Taylor to LaMarcus Coker for 56-yard TD against Georgia

So this morning, we pit the emblematic Kentucky Denouement against its brother, Woodwork. To not run further afoul of the Great Google, the set ups are in the links and won't be reproduced in this round.

The Kentucky Denouement

Gerald Jones' Woodwork

Choose wisely. The voting's open through midnight, although I think the politicians have gotten hold of the software because the polls don't seem to actually be closing at the designated time.

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