Vol Fans, What are your guilty pleasures?

This could be fun, courtesy of MeytonPanning.

-- ed.

(Disclaimer, I'm bored as all get out at work, and I need something to do/read)

What is that guilty pleasure that distinguishes you as an over the top Vol Fan?  That guilty pleasure that you are a little embarrassed to talk about because you know that people that are not of "like mind" will think you are a little sTrange with a capital Power T.  You know, the Orange and White Checkerboard Boxers you wear the night before a game.  The framed and bordered collage of tickets you have from every game you have ever attended.  The Tee Martin tribute wall with every picture ever taken of Tamaurice Nigel Martin that you had to put in your basement because if anybody "normal" ever saw it, they would report you to 1-800-I-KNW-A-STLKR.

Here is my old one:  I used to have a VCR.  And I kept every VHS tape of all the games from 1990 to 1999 that my grandmother taped.  When she passed away I asked for them.  When I get bored I used to watch.  It was pretty relaxing.  Now that the TV's these days make old SD VHS film look like utter crap-o-la I haven't watched in a long time.

Here is my current one:  When my yellow lab passed away, I started looking for a new puppy.  At first I figured I was going to get a new lab.  But then I came across this website for a South Carolina kennell breeding.......wait for it.......Bluetick Coonhounds.  I saw this one puppy, and promptly fell in love with it.  I had to have it.  On Saturday I went to the South Carolina win in OT last year.  Woke up Sunday and drove to Douglas, South Carolina, picked up that little puppy, and took him home with me.  His full name is MarmaDuke Moysek.  I call him Duke for short and I'll give you time to figure out Moysek.  At first Duke went nuts on my family's small walking horse farm in Winchester, Tennessee.  He took off after every scent and sound.  He's tried to tree a philly colt.  But after a while, he chilled out and has become one of my best buds.  When I went across the pond on vacation, I missed him terribly---so we were inseperable when I got back.  I'll tell you he is one hell of dog.  At just 13 months now, the little SOB weighs 87 lbs.  When people ask me what kind of dog I have, I kind of give him this sheepish smile and tell them.  They go....well that figures.  They just don't know.



 Now that I've embarrassed myself, Comment on your Vol-Fan Guilty Pleasure.

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