i am tired. tired of the " bad feeling", from myself and from Vol Nation concerning the upcoming opponent. SICK AND TIRED! i realize we have seen a myriad of concerns through the first two games. so what. SO EFFIN' WHAT! we are NOT the  UT Cromptons, the UT Mustang Package, the UT adjustments-what adjustments, etc.

WE ARE TENNESSEE GOD(expletive) FOOTBALL!!!!!!!!!!!

it's time to believe. BELIEVE! who else but us (the players, the coaches, the Vol faithful) can change anything, if we do not first believe we can change? stand up, coaches-believe in our talent and gameplan. get 'em out there and ATTACK FIRST! don't wait to see what "they" do before deciding what "we" do. stand up, players-you were chosen to play for Tennessee, believe there is reason why! play hard! play tough! play BIG ORANGE FOOTBALL! VOL FANS-BELIEVE!!! be loud, the whole freakin' game! go into that great Neyland Stadium with the idea, the feeling, the assurance that we will be victorious! it's OUR HOUSE! do NOT let our greatest volume be that for booing our own team (seriously, that was sad, last saturday)! how intimidating would it be if 100,000 plus chanted ROCKY TOP over and over all game (great idea, Hooper). don't give the gators a moment of peace!

it is the great thing about college football: anything can happen! otherwise, we can just let BcS computers decide for all (coaches, players, fans) who is better,who will win. and we can all have quiet, peaceful mundane Saturdays in the fall. we can accept that Tebow is Superjesus and Urbs is the new evil genius. oh yeah, i guess u.f.'s #51 is right, and we should just quit, again.

ARE YOU #$*&## *(&&^% +@!&** KIDDING ME!??!?

we must do all we can! everyone- top to bottom- BELIEVE WE CAN AND WILL WIN THIS GAME! let Smokey pee on the gators' team bus!  have Jackson donkey-kick a stuffed gator through the uprights! have Al Wilson get in EVERYBODY'S face before the game, during the game, at halftime, whenever it's needed! WE MUST BELIEVE!!!

what does it say above the door? it says " I WILL GIVE MY ALL FOR TENNESSEE TODAY!"


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