i have let it be known, once or twice, her and there, how i feel about the orange pants. i truly despise them.  how i wish we wore them today, so that i might have an arbitrary reason for blame.

can't really put this on coaching, though. i have voiced my opinion on the head coach position ( change time), but coaches do not throw or hand the ball off. the QB is a SERIOUS issue. i refuse to believe the backups are less prepared than #8. jeez, even some defensive players (honestly, just YOU, Saint Berry) could achieve similar if not better success than what has been on display.  sure, #8 showed some toughness running, but the decision- making was an atrocity. perhaps Coach Fulmer should have pulled him, perhaps he was giving #8 enough rope to hang himself ( although at cost of a VERY PLAUSIBLE W). on second thought, no clean pass for coaching, after all.

#8 is terrible and we can't accomplish anything on offense until we can move the ball with accurate passing and good rushing (read: actually accomplishing hand-offs). and where were the TEs, today? seems, to me, they might be useful.

it was nice to see some better punting, today. with the return of Colquitt next week, will we have a "punter controversy"? if it's that and no "QB controversy" (preferably a switch), i'm going to throw a brick at the first pumpkin i see.

my silver lining this week ( and season) is, aside from defensive punting improvements, has been RTT. i would like to say thanks Joel and Hooper for all their hard work, great analysis, and sense of humor. thanks to all the bloggers as well for sharing the pain and still cheering loud. GO BIG ORANGE!!!

the season is a wash. i'll still be watching and cheering from home. the way some of our fans have conducted themselves, i am unfortunately and sadly looking forward to my one game per season, against USC, being on the road. i don't know if i could take the boo's and early exits. better a stadium half full of true fans than that pile of horse hockey behavior.

i think i will get myself a Big Orange related tattoo tomorrow. but you can bet it won't be those @!%$^&* orange pants.

end of line, programs. (sorry, i watched Tron this week.)

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