Talking points: recruiting, nicknames, and attitude edition


  • GVX has the latest iteration of the ever-morphing weekend visitor list. Not visiting? Nu'Keese Richardson. Visiting instead? Kendall Kelly. Not coming to Tennessee at all? Quinton Washington. Earlier this week, Tennessee got a commitment from Mike Edwards out of Ohio. Now, Edwards' teammate, OL Marcus Hall, is considering the Vols. Who of the remaining un-committeds are going where? Not many Power Ts on this otherwise beautiful chart.
  • Speaking of recruiting, that whole Thing About Thigpen? Another victim of the Kiffin Chimera's "you still have a scholarship offer, but you're really not the right fit for us" negative pitch. Better shape up fans, I'm telling you, because I fear that they're going to start sending such messages to fans. Yours -- yes, yours -- is in the mail. 
  • Speaking of Kiffin: table manners. And also speaking of Kiffin, Dawg Sports is the latest to attempt an early nickname, but none are really sticking at this point. Most are missing the mark, I think, because they focus solely on Lane. The Kiffin Coaching Chimera may not stand the test of time, but I think it's at least headed in the right direction by being focused on the entire staff.
  • The LSU take on Wednesday's Tigers-Vols game.
  • Part of the reason why Emmanuel Negedu is becoming the Dane Bradshaw of the the 2008-09 Vols is his attitude: "I heard the crowd, they were shouting and yelling at me, and it felt kind of special. If coach plays me one minute, I go hard and I'm happy. Two minutes, I go hard and I'm happy. He is the coach, and he knows what he is doing.''


  • Sylvester Croom regrets nothing about his time at Mississippi State and is headed back to the NFL to coach running backs for the St. Louis Rams.
  • Auburn has apparently found a QB to run its Spread Option Experiment, Take II. Tony Franklin is the big loser here because this time, Auburn may actually be committed to making it work.
  • This sounds just like the Gators. Somewhere back in the black and white age, the Florida Gators defense went fetal, giving its opponent a quick score, just so its offense could score again. For the record, I'm all for this.
  • Dawg Sports' response to the firing of Dennis Felton.
  • Garnet and Black Attack has the results of this week's SEC Power Poll.
  • Track 'Em Tigers takes a look at former Auburners playing in the Super Bowl, which reminds me, are there any Vols in this year's Super Bowl?


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