Bobo's Playoff System:

Because everyone else is doing it, and I want to be like the cool cats, I decided that I would finally put my ideas for a college football playoff down on paper, and I will admit that the system looks a lot like the FCS system for determining who plays. I am an Appalachian State fan along with my love of UT-K, and I think that the FCS system is pretty dang good.

So, with that being said, here is how I would pick the field of 16:

  • 11 Conference Winners, these winners coming from the ACC, Big 12, Big East, Big 10, Conference USA, Mid-American (MAC), Mountain West, Pac-10, SEC, Sun Belt, and the WAC. Sorry Notre Dame, Navy, and Army, you'll have to hope for an at-large berth because, quite frankly, you should be in a conference. That's how this stuff works. All NCAA FBS conferences would get an automatic qualifier in the tournament because, quite bluntly, that is fair. Enough with this BCS conference crap, that just creates pre-season boundaries that "inferior teams" cannot crack, which is the problem to begin with, isn't it?

  • 5 At-Large Teams that would be the top 5 non-conference champions based off of a take-your-pick poll. The BCS poll could be used in deciding this, and I'll use it later on to show the seedings as they would stand right now. There would be a limit of 2 teams from one conference in the tournament, so sorry LSU.



  • Teams would be seeded 1-16 based off of whatever poll is used to determine the 5 at-large teams. The standard tournament match-ups would be used, if you're confused here just look at a single region for March Madness to figure it out. I hope you can get this ;-).
  • The first two rounds would be played at the Higher Team's home field, and would take place two weeks after the final week of the season (championship week, December 5th, for us SEC people) which would, this year, place it at December 19th and 26th. There would be a bye week before round 3, so these games would take place the second weekend in January with the championship game in week 3 of January.
  • Incorporating bowls into this system: it would be unfair to the bowl system and the bowl sponsors to take them out of this equation. One idea I had was for the major 4 bowls to rotate who gets the National Championship game, the two semifinal games, and the marquee matchup of week 2. Other bowls could also try to get in on the week 1 or 2 action, if that's the best idea. I don't know, I'm sure people could work out something that both lines their pockets with tons and tons of money and gives fans what they would want.

So how would it work? Right now, here would be the seedings:

(1) Florida Gators (SEC Champions) vs (16) Troy Trojans (Sun Belt Champions)

(8) USC Trogans (Pac-10 At-Large) vs (9) Iowa Hawkeyes (Big 10 Champions)

(5) Cincinatti Bearcats (Big East Champions) vs (12) Oregon Ducks (Pac-10 Champions)

(4) TCU Horned Frogs (Mountain West Champions) vs (13) Miami Hurricans (ACC At-Large)

(6) Boise State Broncos (WAC Champions) vs (11) Pittsburg Panthers (Big East At-Large)

(3) Texas Longhorns (Big 12 Champions) vs (14) Houston Cougars (Conference USA Champions)

(7) Georgia Tech (ACC Champions) vs (10) Ohio State (Big 10 At-Large)

(2) Alabama Crimson Tide (SEC At-Large) vs (15) Central Michigan (MAC Champions)

Fans of the Bowl System: tell me you wouldn't salivate to see these matchups? It's like a dream come true for me, just looking at this system. And let's be honest: you'd love to see it too. You know you would.

Very interesting Matchups, to me:

  1. Round 1: Texas vs Houston
  2. Round 2: Florida vs USC
  3. Round 2: Alabama vs Georgia Tech / Ohio State

So, yeah, that's pretty much what I would kill to see. A few teams that could end up on here with conference championships: Arizona, Temple (!), Nevada, Clemson/Boston College, West Virginia, East Carolina, Ohio, Utah, Kansas State (hah!).

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