Bobo's Playoff System (Week 12)

  • Week 11 bracket, plus explanation of the system, here.

(1) 10-0 Florida Gators (SEC Champion) vs (16) 7-3 Troy Trojans (Sun Belt Champion)

(8) 9-1 Pittsburgh Panthers (Big East At-Large) vs (9) 9-2 Ohio State Buckeyes (Big 10 Champion)

(4) 10-0 TCU Horned Frogs (Mountain West Champion) vs (13)7-3 Virginia Tech Hokies (ACC At-Large)

(5) 10-0 Cincinnati Bearcats (Big East Champion) vs (12) 9-2 Iowa Hawkeyes (Big 10 At-Large)


(6) 10-0 Boise State Broncos (WAC Champion) vs (11) 8-2 Oklahoma State Cowboys (Big 12 At-Large)

(3) 10-0 Texas Longhorns (Big-12 Champion) vs (14) 8-2 CMU Chippewas (MAC Champion)

(7) 10-1 Georgia Tech Yellowjackets (ACC Champion) vs (10) 8-2 Oregon Punchers Ducks (Pac-10 Champion)

(2) 10-0 Alabama Crimson Tide (SEC At-Large) vs (15) 6-4 SMU Mustangs (C-USA Champion)



  • The only changes to the top 8 was (formerly #8 seed) Southern California dropping out of the polls completely to be replaced by the Pittsburg Panthers. Apparently an overtime win over the-team-which-cannot-be-defeated-which-has-now-been-doubly-defeated for Ohio State last week wasn't as impressive as the Panthers survival narrow victory win beatdown!!!! of Notre Dame. Iowa only dropped 3 seeding spots after the loss. Dang expectations, and living up to them!
  • #10 Oregon is only up 2 spots after an easy win over Arizona State. Next week's game against Arizona is big, if the 'Cats win out, they will be the Pac-10 champion. That's easier said than done, the Wildcats have to win home against Oregon and at USC, as well as a trip to Sun Devil Stadium.
  • Virginia Tech replaced formerly #13 Miami Hurricanes this week in the "last team in" spot, Penn State and LSU were both overlooked for the "only two teams per conference" rule. I really don't get how the ACC has two teams here, for that matter. Really, I'm somewhat surprised that the Pac-10 doesn't have two in there.
  • If Nevada defeats Boise State on November 17th, they would seal up a spot in the system. That game is, now, the "conference championship" of the WAC. Nevada is 7-3 (6-0). Man, though, it's a shame a playoff system would mean that each game doesn't matter -- tell that to Houston, Southern California, and Miami who all dropped out of the playoffs. Oh, and Temple is also undefeated in the MAC, so they could squeak in here.

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