The Record of Wrongs: Memphis Tigers

Hear ye, hear ye. It's time for Tennessee Volunteer fans to gather for the ceremonial reading of the Record of Wrongs, a litany of the offenses committed by the Memphis Tigers.

  • John Calipari believes that the Vols "foul, like on every possession."
  • Calipari believes that Tennessee can only get players from Memphis if Memphis doesn't want them.
  • Calipari says he is more afraid of Tulane than Tennessee.
  • Calipari's arrogance is derived from success against Atlantic 10 and Conference USA opponents.
  • Calipari's standard response to having to honor the contract requiring Tennessee and Memphis to play home-and-home games:

  • Memphis players slap fans (click for big and then see the poor guy dressed in red among all that horrid blue):

    Memphis at UAB

  • Memphis retailers sold thousands of blue I Hate Orange t-shirts prior to the Pearlfection game last year.
  • The Memphis athletic department denied ESPN's request to pack out the FedEx Forum with half Tiger fans and half Vol fans and instead limited admission to 3,500 Memphis fans.
  • Memphis somehow orchestrated a distribution of tickets to last year's game such that it seemed almost as if no two Tennessee fans were sitting next to each other.
  • Calipari (intentionally?) referred to Memphis native J.P. Prince as "P.J." last year.
  • Memphis players basically wrapped Chris Lofton up in a tight little taquito shell last year so he could barely move, much less shoot.
  • Calipari considers Tennessee "a regional power."
  • The maximum distance Calipari can be kicked is only 200,000 miles.
  • There is no program in the country that respects Tennessee less than Memphis.
  • Memphis fans taunted Dane Bradshaw three years ago by chanting, "Mem-phis Re-ject."
  • Their abnormally-colored logo looks less like a blood-thirsty carnivore than your paraplegic grandfather rolling his wheelchair toward you looking for an inappropriate hug.
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