The Deuce talks with Voljunkies

Chest bump to voljunkie for scoring this interview and for the FanPost here.


We would really like to thank Fred White for taking the time out of his busy schedule to talk with us this morning. Fred is finishing up the first week of his much anticipated and much needed radio show this week. Fred is the host of the “Hardest Hitting Show” on the radio, that airs weekdays from 2:00-3:00 afternoons on ESPN radio 1180.

VJ: Fred Congratulations on your show, what has the first week been like?
Fred: It was fun and also a learning experience. I am looking forward to week two.

VJ: It seemed to me like your call bank was full the whole time, do you think one hour of “ hard hitting” is enough?
Fred: The calls have been coming in, I hope they continue. And I welcome more calls. I’m doing an hour to get started, but eventually I will be doing a 2hr show.

VJ: You had a lot of former Vols call in and talk with you this week, do you plan on having any Vols come in and guest host with you?
Fred: My former teammates have been very supportive and I am greaful to have some wonderful friends. I have somethings in the works for the weeks to come.

VJ: Tell us something about this week that surprised you about the show
Fred: I was surprised at how slow an hour goes by when you are hosting your own show. In the last few days it has gone a little faster.

VJ: What plans do you have for the show that we can look forward to in the future?
Fred: I plan to have more of my former teammates, guys that are current NFL players on through out the summer and fall. I also will be adding some special touches to the show, stay tuned. I will be having some fun contest to win various things for listeners, such as game tickets or dinner for two. Again, stay tuned.

VJ: In honor of the Deuce, Two more questions,
1. What was your favorite memory of the 1998 championship season?

Fred: My favorite moment of the 1998 season is beating Florida. It was my only win against them and the most exciting game I have ever played in. Our fans were great! Neyland Stadium has never been louder.

2. Who hits harder? You in your day or Eric berry now?

Fred: Eric Berry will go down as the best safety to wear the Orange. Deon Grant and myself were tabbed “Thunder and Lighting.” Eric Berry is the “Perfect Storm.”  But he still can’t hit harder than me!

Thanks again Fred for taking the time to chat with us, you have always great to your fans. Good luck with your show and we will be listening.

Ok Vol fans lets get out there and give our all for a Former Vol that gave his all for us!  Make sure you check out Freds Show and if you have the time  make sure you call in, he wont hit you too hard!

The Hardest Hitting Show on the Radio…weekday afternoons from 2-3 on ESPN 1180 am.

and keep listening to Tony Basilio, Tony we got a lot of love for you too!

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