[Note by hooper, 02/04/09 3:47 PM EST ] Marlon Brown to Georgia.  Worst news possible.  Dang.

[Note by hooper, 02/04/09 1:51 PM EST ] Nu'Keese Richardson signs with the Vols!

[Note by hooper, 02/04/09 1:45 PM EST ] Marlon Walls signs.

[Note by Joel, 02/04/09 12:48 PM EST ] Robert Nelson signs.

[Note by Joel, 02/04/09 11:50 AM EST ] Eric Gordon signs with Tennessee.

[Note by Joel, 02/04/09 11:25 AM EST ] Surprise! Marsalis Teague is apparently a Vol.

[Note by Joel, 02/04/09 11:16 AM EST ] Greg King is a Vol.

[Note by hooper, 02/04/09 10:55 AM EST ]  Darren Myles signs with Tennesee.

[Note by hooper, 02/04/09 10:39 AM EST ] Sam Montgomery signs with LSU.  Darn.

[Note by hooper, 02/04/09 10:35 AM EST ]  Mike Edwards signs, and James Green signs.

[Note by hooper, 02/04/09 10:28 AM EST ] Rumors are really gaining strength that Nu'Keese Richardson is going to sign with the Vols.  Cross fingers!

[Note by hooper, 02/04/09 9:46 AM EST ] Jerod Askew has signed.

[Note by hooper, 02/04/09 9:28 AM EST ] Alshon Jeffery to Spurrier.  Boo!

[Note by hooper, 02/04/09 9:12 AM EST ] GVX is rumoring that Marlon Brown will go to Ohio State.  Stay tuned.

[Note by hooper, 02/04/09 9:03 AM EST ] Aubrey Phillips signed with Florida State.  Like the Sports Animal people noted, we can finally move on.

[Note by hooper, 02/04/09 8:58 AM EST ]  Arthur Jeffrey has signed.

[Note by Joel, 02/04/09 8:55 AM EST ] I'm leaving y'all now in the able hands of hooper now so I can get some work done. Go Vols!

[Note by Joel, 02/04/09 8:41 AM EST ] Zach Rogers is signed.

[Note by Joel, 02/04/09 8:24 AM EST ] Oliver has signed.

[Note by Joel, 02/04/09 8:22 AM EST ] GVX is reporting that Oku and Phillips are likely to sign with Auburn.

[Note by Joel, 02/04/09 8:10 AM EST ] Revis has signed.

[Note by Joel, 02/04/09 7:58 AM EST ] Schofield's signed.

In all seriousness, many others and I have joked about the creepiness factor involved in following recruiting, but it is quite entertaining.  Like the offseason, recruiting focuses on the hope of things to come.  Unlike the offseason, we don't have the pesky reality of 60-minute games to tell us whether our dreams are well-founded.  So join us in the fun and frolic on this day; it's not like there's any more football - pro or college - until spring scrimmages.  Divert your mind for one more day from the Sahara that is upon us and see what Lane Kiffin's first official recruiting class looks like.

We have already assembled a list of recruits to track; use this link to get the quick information on the names you hear.  Courtesy of GVX, here are the expected signing times of some of the more publicized recruits that Tennessee is chasing:

  • 8 AM:  Eric Gordon, Arthur Jeffery, Sam Montgomery (h/t rblakeh), Aubrey Phillips
  • 9 AM:  Nyshier Oliver, Kevin Revis
  • 10 AM:  Alshon Jeffery, Tana Patrick (h/t USMarineVol)
  • 10:30 AM:  Kendrick Hardy, Sam Montgomery
  • 10:45 AM:  Darren Myles, Jr.
  • 11 AM:  Mike Edwards, Zach Rogers
  • HIGH NOON:  Morgan Moses, Tana Patrick
  • 1 PM:  Nu'Keese Richardson, Marsalis Teague
  • 1:30 PM:  D. D. Jones
  • 2:30 PM:  Kendall Kelly
  • 3:45 PM:  Marlon Brown
  • 6:30 PM:  Je'Ron Stokes

Naturally, all times are subject to change and whim.  The list is also not inclusive, yada yada yada.

[Note by hooper, 02/04/09 9:35 AM EST ]  HAIKU!!!

(As news comes in, we'll post updates in this area of the thread.)

Tennessee Logo


The guidelines:

  • Keep perspective.  Remember that Lane Kiffin had 2 months to work a process that generally takes a year to two (and his staff had less time!).  Much of recruiting is based on relationships, and 2 months isn't enough time.  Don't expect too much of him and wait until next year to judge the recruiters we have.  Also remember that these are 18-year old guys who are taking the college step away from home and public school.  Remember those days?  It's not all sunshine and buttercups; there's a lot on their minds.  (Well, there should be.)
  • Keep coming back.  We'll keep things up-to-date as best as we can.  The goal is to have a one-stop shop where you can find all the information you need, along with the thoughts and opinions of fellow RTT readers.
  • Help us out.  Amidst trying to keep up, I'll be attending class and getting work done.  I can't do this all on my own.  If you hear of any news, post it and I'll update the thread as fast as possible.  If you can, post a few details with the news, particularly with links.  If you don't have that time, post anyhow.
  • Have fun!  Remember, sports is entertainment.  Recruiting, from our perspective, is also entertainment.  Be entertained and entertain others.  Don't let any recruiting news dictate your general well-being.

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