Why Tennessee will not be next year's Michigan: A rebuttal to T Kyle King

Since college football fans take on the demeanors of their coaches, I thought I would take this opportunity to turn T Kyle King in for a recruiting violation. YER A CHEATER, T KYLE, SAYIN' AR VAWLS IS GON BE THIS YAR'S MICH-A-GIN.

Commence crocodile tears in 3... 2... 1... ... ... ... ...done? Good.

T Kyle King offers two premises for why this year's Tennessee team will be much like last year's Michigan, imploding at historic lows, only more so:

1) There is no evidence to suggest Lane Kiffin can coach at all.

2) Karma dictates that since Kiffin has gone around ticking off all of his colleagues that he will get his comeuppance.

Number two is irrelevant. Bulldog fans and Volunteer fans have been ticked off at Urban Meyer/Billy Zane for quite some time. He may not actually be a cheater like Lane Kiffin says he is, but he is a smug jerk who runs up the score every chance he gets.

Number one is true. But it's also irrelevant, because there also is no evidence to suggest he can't coach either.

Why Tennessee won't be this year's Michigan: Because the Vols were already last year's Michigan, sinking to near-historic lows under the weight of an over-complicated offensive system with a quarterback not suited to run it. While neither you nor I have read Lane Kiffin's offensive playbook, the PR line is it's a "pro style system so user friendly that freshmen can be plugged into it." We'll see if that turns out to be true, but the coaches have been discussing keeping it simple this year to build our quarterbacks' fragile egos back up.

If Tennessee fails to put together a decent season next year, and it may, it likely won't be for the same reason Tennessee and Michigan were lousy last year.

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