QB Recruiting - Mr. X @ Tony Basillo

As time passes, I believe UT is moving further and further away from the two high school quarterbacks on the west coast ( Scroggins and Heaps). These are the two prospects most UT fans covet certainly. I don’t think either ends up at UT though. In my opinion, Heaps goes to BYU or Washington. Not certain where the other prospect ends up. Scroggins as I understand isn’t planning on visiting Knoxville until late June and his decision would not come to late summer or early fall. I believe this staff would like to have at least one piece of the quarterback recruiting puzzle firmed up by the early part of June (on or about the time summer position and team camps start at UT) . 

Also, for those who are holding out hope UT gets involved with Joe Montana’s son, Nick, I don’t see that happening. While they have evaluated him, he is just learning the pro style offense and talent evaluators refer to him as a “project” meaning he would likely have to be brought along slowly if he plays at a school running a pro-style system. I just don’t see this staff signing a quarterback prospect they likely won’t get any on field contribution from for two maybe three years. 

With that said… 

Contrary to some media reports, I believe the Hendrix kid from Cincinnati has legitimate interest in UT. This is a prospect who has seen his stock climb as more schools view his tape and watch him throw during this current evaluation period. Schools like Miami, (FL) and Ohio State highlight a number of high-profile schools now trying to get involved with the prospect. He was on campus for spring drills, attended the Orange and White game, and has an offer from UT.. After the UT staff saw him throw in person, I believe he is firmly in the mix. 

UT has recently offered quarterback prospects in Louisiana (Legeaux) and Florida (Morris). Both are big, athletic prospects. Plus there is a high school quarterback prospect in Alabama (Coty Blanchard); a quarterback prospect in Colorado (Austin Hinder); in Georgia (Hutson Mason); and, an instate kid from the mid-state (Wallace if memory serves me correctly ) they also have interest in 

It would not surprise me if there is another prospect we aren’t hearing much about right now that moves to the forefront in the next couple of weeks. 

I'd love to hear what you guys have to say about this evaluation by Mr. X on the QB situation at UT.  I agree that our recruiting process is great and that our gaping hole at the QB spot should provide compelling opportunity for a 5 star quality prospect to drool over.  

We have great buzz at UT and watching the 2010 class unfold is going to be almost as much fun as what we do on the field in year 1 of the Kiffin era.

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