UT top story on ESPN tonight

On College Football Tonight on ESPN this Wednesday they led off with TN. The analyst talked about how TN is back in the front of the national conversation but about how they did not have enough players at WR due to all the injuries. Interesting thing about the show was that he was also saying that TN will want to run Bryce Brown up the middle.

I hope many of you posters have watched more USC under Kiffin than the pundits at ESPN seem to have.  It is still a stunning credit to our coach that TN coming off a 5-7 season is dominating the national media by announcing a few injuries to players who may well be replaced by upgrades due to stellar recruiting.

Will TN put Richardson out there as a freshman this year? Sure they will! Will TN also get Brandon Warren a bunch of balls? Again yes. TN will also use two back sets and will have a power speed combination like we used to when we had Bryson at FB (this will just be two FB).

Stud WRs will be attracted to our program when Kiffin earns accolades for turning around complete nobodies in terms of college career like Crompton and B Warren, and then someone will remind them of the recruiting rankings for these guys.

What a vastly improved offense will do for our team is what we all care most about. What it will do to the legacy of Fulmer to see his players at a level they never showed under him is something that will be painful for many Vol fans to watch.

Until Bruce Pearl had coached a season at UT, I did not admit how wrong I had been about Buzz Peterson, who was a great man but a poor coach. I think we end up there with Kiffin and Fulmer. I also look forward to gambles and blitzes on a defense prone to picking up turnovers. Watching that type of a defense is fun and exciting like watching Pearl basketball is fun and exciting.

We will not only play well this season, we will play well in an aggressive manner that will bring more studs to UT. If you go to Florida and win a NC, you will be down the deification list from Tebow. In TN you were 6 years old or younger the last time they adored someone as much as they will adore you.

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