Dedicated to Bammer... Kiffin & Chizik in the same sentence

Bammer fans continue to raise the false argument that their two most hated rivals (UT and Auburn) are in exactly the same position through the new coaching hires.  Let's explore the argument on a slow summer day...


Similarities -

1) Both are replacing 5-7 coaches in programs that have fallen from traditional powerful positions in their respective divisions.

2) Both were successful coordinators at successful programs.

Differences -

1) Coached on opposite sides of the ball - Chiz has been a defensive guy his entire career.  Played LB at Florida.  Various defensive responsibilities at MTSU, Central Florida, Auburn and Texas.  Kiffin has been an offensive guy his entire college career.  Played QB at Fresno State.  Various offensive responsibilities at Fresno State, Colorado State and USC.  

2) Chiz has no pro experience.  Kiffin had two NFL gigs.  He was the Quality Control Coach for the Jacksonville Jaguars.  He had responsibility for breaking down game film (the scout) on the upcoming opponents, practice assistant and various other tasks.  Kiffin also served as the head coach for the Oakland Raiders & the insane Al Davis for 1 year and four games.  

3) Chiz has previous collegiate head coaching experience; Kiffin does not.  Chiz took over 4-8 Iowa State and led them to 3-9 and 2-10 seasons.  Defensive statistics (his specialty) and recruiting classes actually got worse under his leadership.

4) Kiffin hired an amazingly deep staff with outstanding success, including NFL experience.  Chiz did not.  None of Chiz's assistants have sniffed the NFL - except Rocker as a Hall of Fame player.  Kiffin has the best Defensive Coordinator in the NFL, Monte Kiffin; Oregeron (Saints); Cheney (Rams); and, Cregg (Raiders).  

5) Following loved coaches is the claim.  Not so much.  Fulmer was loved and respected at  player at UT, as a long-time assistant; and, then in the early and middle parts of his head coaching career as he built UT into a national championship winner and a consistent competitor for the SEC crown.  Manning and others swear their allegiance to him and still have great fondness for the man they identify as UT Football.  Tuberville (intentional) burned his bridges on his way out at Old Mississippi and was neither a player nor a long-standing part of Auburn.  Phil's teams did not perform as well on the field in his later years, so he wrapped up his time at UT.  The exit was difficult but he will be honored appropriately.  Tuber was welcome as a hired gun and Auburn kept him around as long as he won, but I don't think there will be any Tommy Days at Auburn.

There's more, but I'll leave open it up for y'all to chime in. 

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