Love for Tennessee

This is a shout out to all Tennessee Fans

And I have a couple of questions

You may remember that Tennessee visited Memorial Stadium in 2007, and yes my Bears prevailed that year.  I write this to express my respect and admiration for Tennessee fans, who were, in my opinion, some of the nicest, most knowledgeable fans that I have ever had the pleasure to encounter.  I didn't know what to expect, since I have never had the pleasure of visiting of Neyland Stadium.  I know the Pac-10 fans pretty well, the ones you hate, the ones you kinda think are ok, the ones that just aren't worth bothering with.

But since I sit in the lesser donor section, I was able to talk with many Tennessee fans, and they were both polite, and extremely knowledgeable about all football matters, be it recruiting, coaching, players, schemes, whatever.  I was also quite impressed with how organized y'all were; before the game started the cheerleaders had passed out orange and white pom-poms to all their fans, and I'm thinking "where are our pom-poms?".

I also think you have one of the greatest fight songs in all of College Football.  Don't get me wrong, of course the Cal song is the one that makes my heart pump fastest, but your fight song is truly great, and to my mind, has the American spirit of optimism of an Aaron Copland composition.

Anyway, at first I rooted for Tennessee in the abstract, the way all CFB fans root for a team they beat so their own record will be stronger.  Well, our quarterback was injured against Oregon in game five, and our season went to hell.  But I still kept on rooting for Tennessee.  I watched the whole 4 OT victory against Kentucky that year, and I was as pumped when the Vols won as if they had been the Bears (well in truth, almost as much).

So I have two questions: 1) Which team is your rival, and which team do you really want to beat?  They can be two different teams.  2) What does "Rocky Top" refer to?

I hope sometime to be able to visit Neyland Stadium and root for Tennessee in person (as long as it doesn't conflict with a Cal game).  Good luck this season.

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