Open Letter To Florida Fans

We lost, you won. Let's all go along with our business.

Wait, what's that? Lane Kiffin won't let you? He's running his mouth again? It hurts your feelings? Your opinion of the Tennessee football program and it's fans is dropping? Ok, well let's handle it one issue at a time.

1. Moral Victories -

Stop buying into the media hype and let's all call it what it really was for Tennessee. Not a moral victory, but a recruiting victory. That's right. That's the reason Tennessee fans are somewhat satisfied with the outcome. Aside from the fact old Urbie didn't get his prophesized revenge. This was a huge recruiting victory for Tennessee. It will never come out, but I do believe we're all wise enough in the ways of recruiting to know that the Florida staff has been telling recruits for months that Tennessee is a renegade program that they planning on beating by 50 at the first opportunity. "Now you don't want go play for a coach who is all talk but looks like WKU in Ben Hill Griffin do you?" Well that didn't pan out and the momentum shifts quickly to UT's staff with "yeah we lost, but look how many true freshmen had a huge impact in that game". Cody Riggs and Jeff Luc were by all accounts impressed.

1a. Moral Victories Part Deux

Ok, fine, call it a moral victory if you wish, It's the last one you'll be able to do that with. Next season, we expect the Vols to win in Knoxville, and if they don't there will be a much more negative reaction. Believe that.

2.  Tennessee Played To Keep It Close

First, if anything Lane Kiffin did prior to this game was lacking class, it pales in comparison to one coach telling the media that another coach/program was not playing to win a game. Even if said coach believes beyond a shadow of a doubt that it's true, you just don't say things like that in public. Urbie should know better, and you all should have known there would a response of some kind. As one of your people said earlier: Sorry, but that's the truth.

I'll explain it one more time for you guys before you start defending Urbie again. Prior to this game, it was well known, and you Florida fans screamed from the rafters, that Jonathon Crompton could not throw the ball downfield. This was why you would beat us by 50 remember? Did you already forget? You knew our defense was gonna show up, but you were proclaiming your defense would outscore our offense. Well, I guess Lane decided not to play along and chose to run the ball, quite successfully, instead. And the 4th quarter is no evidence otherwise. Again: Sorry, but that's the truth. We got the ball with 10 minutes left off your fumble and went 70 yards in less than two minutes with nothing but runs and screen passes. We stopped you and got the ball again with 6 minutes to go.

So, you just scored in 2 minutes with all runs. You have 6 minutes and the ball down by ten. What do you do? Do you unleash the beast that Urbie was so afraid of in Jonathon Crompton? Or do you try and smash the ball downfield in two minutes again, onsides kick, and try to get in FG position? Since you have a QB with a terrible psyche and chemistry with his WR's, a QB who has thrown 7 INT's already (one was called back on a penalty) in two and 3/4's games, I think the answer is obvious. Moreso when he did throw downfield and it was promptly picked off.

3. But, Lane Kiffin started to talk smack again right after the game by bragging and talking about the "blueprint"!!

Not exactly, and allow me to paraphrase his comment. Not comments, but comment:

"Monte found a blueprint [not the blueprint] to beat them defensively, we just couldn't get it done on offense today"

Again, a paraphrase, but an relatively accurate one. If you have problems with him making that statement, you've got some real security issues for a fan of such a currently successful program.

4. Lane Kiffin and Tennessee are not in my head or Urbie's head whatsoever.

Then why are you here reading this now? Why does Urbie respond to anything Tennessee does or says? I mean we're Vandy right? We're South Carolina now. We don't threaten you guys. What's the big deal?

The fact that Urbie has to justify his team winning by 10 points is proof enough that Lane Kiffin has crawled in his, and in turn your, head. You've never gone to a team's blog and talked smack when they have a 6-9 cumulative record over the last two seasons have you? Why are you so scared of what we're doing? Enjoy your championships and let the cellar dwellers be, right?

5. Lane Kiffin is already a bust at head coach and a step back from Fulmer

Ask yourself. Go ahead you know you want to. When was the last time a Tennessee player was arrested or charged with a crime? I mean, the championship for such is named in honor of Tennessee right? The Fulmer Cup? That's right, zero. No arrests, no suspensions for crime or academics, nothing.

When was the last time you saw the Tennessee fan base with this much swagger? 1998? For about 9 months? You think we're cocky now, just wait until we have the players and wins to back it up. We might turn into you. Nevermind, I don't think we could get that bad.

The most telling proof though? How badly do you think Florida would have beat Tennessee this season with the Papa still at the helm. Sorry CPF, but Kiffin has the same talent that the Papa had last season, but only lost by 10. CPF lost 89-26 over the last two seasons and likely would have given up 50 again.

By all accounts, legal, penalty-wise, assignments, and otherwise, Tennessee is by far a more disciplined team and program than it has been the last decade.


I could go on and on with this, but the basic purpose is to compile all my comment section responses over the last few days into one post for ease of viewing. I don't know, maybe I'll just link this as a response from now on.

And don't worry, I'll update it to address anything you bring up I may have missed.

Until next year.............







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