Tennessee recruiting update: so far so good

Today's Talking Points:

Recruiting update

  • John Brown: Still committed to Tennessee "for now." He wants to meet Dooley. Probably a good sign.
  • Markeith Ambles: "Right now Markeith is still committed to Tennessee," says Markeith's dad. They didn't want to visit until we had a coach hired, and they want to meet coach Dooley. They're "also hoping that the new coaching staff reaches out to them." MEMO TO COACH DOOLEY FROM JACKSON THE MULE: GO SEE MARKEITH. NOW.
  • J.C. Copeland: "I'm still coming to Tennessee." Copeland wasn't concerned about the fact that the NCAA prevented him from meeting with his prospective new coach (Sheesh, come on, NCAA. That's just ridiculous.) He also didn't trash Lane Kiffin, saying folks said good things about both Dooley and him, but adds that, "I didn't pick my school for the coach in the first place. Wherever I go, I'm going to shine. And I'm going to do what I do I best. That's attack people." Heh. Remember that guy's name.
  • Football

    • Former Georgia coach Vince Dooley, Derek's dad, is not opposed to "a very special occasion where I might subtly and very conservatively wear something that might resemble orange." With all those wiggle words, it's no wonder that that guy raised a kid who wanted to go to law school. But good for him. Also, he knows about divided loyalties, as he was an Auburn QB before becoming a Georgia coach. At that link above, there's a link to the audio of the conference call out of which all of this information came, too, if you're interested.
    • Austin Ward has a helpful coaching search time line for posterity's sake.
    • Bryce Brown has said that he wants to stay at Tennessee, which I didn't even know was a question. He also said, though, that he might use spring practice to evaluate his future. What's up with that? Shouldn't be much to worry about because he's pretty clearly the No. 1 tailback, but you have to wonder about his state of mind.
    • The reason David Cutcliffe backed out on the Tennessee offer? "Finish the job you start," he said. "That's one of the things my dad also said, 'If you're going to do something, do it right and finish the job.' " Good for him.
    • Dooley's added two guys to his staff: Terry Joseph and Eric Russell. That link has a bunch of information on each guy.


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