Projecting The 2011 Football Vols

Since this is a throwaway year basically, I thought I would run down our projected starters for 2011. You know, when we will actually expect improvement and some solid SEC wins. If we do manage to win the final four and even a bowl game though, this will actually have been a very good season after all in my opinion, but that remains to be seen.

So, here we have your 2011 Volunteers (maybe):

Offense -

QB - Tyler Bray (So.)
HB - Tauren Poole (Sr.)
FB - Channing Fugate (So.)
WR - Justin Hunter (So.)
WR - Da'Rick Rogers (So.)
TE - Mychal Rivera (Sr.)
LT - Ja'Wuan James (So.)
LG - JerQuari Schofield (So.)
C - James Stone (So.)
RG - Zach Fulton (So.)
RT - Dallas Thomas (Jr.)

Defense -

RE - Jacques Smith (So.)
DT - Ben Martin (Sr.)
DT - Montori Hughes (Jr.)
LE - Malik Jackson (Sr.)
SLB - Greg King (Jr.)
MLB - Herman Lathers (Jr.)
WLB - Nigel Mitchell-Thornton (Jr.)
CB - Marsalis Teague (Jr.)
CB - Prentiss Waggner (Jr.)
SS - Brent Brewer (So.)
FS - Janzen Jackson (Jr.)

Special Teams -

K - Michael Palardy (So.)
P - Matt Darr (Fr.)
KR - Eric Gordon (So.)
KR - Devrin Young (Fr.)
PR - Eric Gordon (So.)

Notable Reserves -

OL - Marques Pair (So.)
WR - Matt Milton (Fr.)
OL - Daniel Hood (So.)
OL - Kevin Revis (So.)
QB - Matt Simms (Sr.)
RB - Raijon Neal (So.)

DE - Corey Miller (So.)
DT - Marlon Walls (So.)
DT - Arthur Jeffery (So.)
DT - Joseph Ayers (So.)
LB - Raiques Crump (So.)
LB - Robert Nelson (So.)
LB - Austin Johnson (Jr.)
LB - Darryl Vereen (Sr.)
DB - Naz Oliver (So.)
DB - Dontavis Sapp (So.)
DB - C.J. Fleming (Sr.)
DB - Anthony Anderson (Sr.)
DB - Eric Gordon (So.)

Notes -

- I only included one player that is a current committed recruit. Devrin Young. Others will obviously contribute, but I see him making an impact in the return game.

- All classes are what they should be next year.

- This is obviously very subjective based on injuries, academics, bar fights, etc. I do think it will end up being close to this though all things considered.

With all that said, the above looks like a very good, and still very young football team for us to watch. I think we will definitely see serious improvement next season and should expect to see it as well. The experience this group is gaining this season can not be underestimated.

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