Scandal erupts on Final RTT Pick 'em - Top Three Declared Ineligible

The NCAA and SB Nation today announced that the top three point getters in the season-long RTT Pick'em pool had been declared ineligible.  The scandal quickly spread from Grayhound's alleged involvement with professional sports agents in Las Vegas to additional allegations against wedflatrock and GMU Vol.  

Consequently, the winner of the Final RTT Pick'em Poll is memphispete.


Apparently, wedflatrock and GMU Vol had relatives who shopped their picks to various Las Vegas sports book sites in exchange for offers of cash.  Both wedflatrock and GMU Vol vehemently deny that their new vehicles and significantly upgraded homes have anything to do with gambling winnings or connections to the more nefarious elements of the Las Vegas community.


Memphispete is quoted as saying the following:

It's a shame that it came to this.  You never want to win by having something bad happen to your opponents.  Don't get me wrong.  I will take the prizes and enjoy them to the fullest.  But you want to win it on the field.  I know that I won two of the weekly contests and have enjoyed my Tennessee long-sleeve T-shirt and my duel magnetic Power T's.  But that doesn't mean I won't enjoy the grand prize just as much - even though it comes at the cost of three people who made poor decisions at the end of the day. 

Grayhound, wedflatrock and GMU Vol were planning to appeal the decision.  Their spokeswoman said just one thing to the media:

Cam Newton was innocent and so are we.  memphispete is a shameless self-promoter who usually speaks in the third person and cares only about the prizes.  We care about the integrity of the RTT Pick 'em contest, the tremendous community at Rocky Top Talk and the amazing support we have received from fellow Vol fans thru this difficult time of false allegations and baseless charges.  We know that our names will be cleared and the prizes distributed to their rightful owners.  Until then, we have no further comment.

Memphispete replied:

Na-na-na-na-na-na.  Cheatercheatercheatercheatercheater.  Mine, Mine, Mine, Mine.

And the story quickly devolved from there.  RTT is evaluating whether to even host a Basketball Pick'em pool. Joel is quoted as saying:

After the ugliness of the Football Pick'em, we just aren't sure it's worth it.  

Please chime in.  

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