Remapping The SEC

Earlier, Will linked an article that discussed a number of things including the possible, rumored, theoretical coelacanth of an idea that the Big Ten Eleven might expand to 16 teams. The article also discussed the route the SEC would likely take to compete and also expand. This of course brought up the debate of who we would add and how it would look if the SEC was to be remapped.

My idea is thus: 

Tony Barnhart proposed the idea that the SEC would pursue Texas and get them along with Texas A&M for "political" reasons. I tend to disagree with this line of thought as I don't think the SEC would actually pursue any of the Big 12 teams at all. I also don't believe that the SEC would go after Miami with their history, especially if Mike Slive is still in charge.


So, here is how I perceive this would go down and the teams I would want to see involved. What's your scenario?


The new SEC:

SEC East --




South Carolina



Georgia Tech -- New

Clemson -- New

SEC West --




Ole Miss

Mississippi State


Virginia Tech -- New

Florida State -- New

You can see the new teams I would want and the ones I think would make the most sense. I also think this would be the most logical division of teams as far as East and West divisions even though some of the actual geography is a stretch. Now, that leaves the tricky scheduling part.

My solution to the scheduling issue is fairly simple and makes sense if the Big Teneleven has gone to sixteen teams and the Big 12 is also considering the idea. As an aside, would the Big Ten call themselves the Big Fifteen if they expand to 16 teams? I digress.....

First of all, you would obviously play every team in your division yearly on the rotating home-and-home. So, there is seven locked games for Tennessee each and every season with the additions of Georgia Tech and Clemson to our yearly schedule.

"What about the rivalry games with the other division???"

My solution for that is to get rid of two OOC games and replace them with yearly home-and-home match-ups with rivals. For instance, Florida would get Florida State as one of theirs, Tennessee would get Alabama and likely Virginia Tech, etc. etc.

"But what about the other teams?!?"

Easy! Just drop one more OOC game and you can schedule the rotating home-and-home with TWO of the other division teams so we would still see the periodic appearance of LSU, Arky, Ole Miss, etc. outside of the SEC Championship game.

"But wait! We need four OOC games!!"

No, not really, at least not in my opinion. Each year the teams of the SEC schedule four OOC games. Of those four games, only one is usually meaningful and the rest are patsies. So, keep the one and use it however you wish. If you want a Homecoming cakewalk, fine. A match-up with Ohio State....wait....that's another cakewalk. A match-up with Texas, USC, or some other strong program? Great.

I really like this idea. The teams are debatable along with everything else, but what a wild ride this would be in both football and basketball. How would y'all set it up?

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