Remembering UT's Haywood Harris

Quickie Talking Points this morning:

  • Sportswriters remember Haywood Harris " GoVolsXtra
    Haywood's nature was to treat everyone like they were the most important person in the world. As a student at UT, I was working on a video news segment for a television class and I was doing something on the expansion of the upper deck in the north end zone. Haywood took time out of his day not only to allow me as a student to interview him on camera but also to spend the next 45 minutes giving me details about all the expansions of the stadium and stories behind them that can't be found anywhere. And he did it for a 19-year-old student for a project that was never going to air anywhere but in the classroom for teachers to grade.

    - Brent Hubbs,

    I’ll start by going back to 1985, my first full year on the UT football beat. The night before No. 1 Auburn came to Neyland Stadium, Haywood invited me to dinner with one other scribe: Rick Reilly.

    I left that dinner pleased that, judging from Haywood’s hospitality, an eavesdropper couldn’t have guessed which writer was the new beat guy at the local paper and which was writing the cover story for Sports Illustrated.

    - Mike Strange, GVX

  • Mattingly: Memories of a Vols ‘legend,’ good man " GoVolsXtra
    Where Haywood Harris is concerned, everybody has favorite recollections, their set of special memories. I have more than one such recollection, memories of a man of uncomplicated virtue, who, given a pad and pencil, a typewriter, or, in later years, a personal computer, could create magic with the King’s English.

    . . . .

    They say a man needs six friends, so his wife won’t have to hire pallbearers. In Haywood’s case, that shouldn’t be a problem. The line stretches out the door, down the street, and as far as the eye can see. Haywood Harris’ friends were everybody he ever knew.

  • Vols' '07 class limps in for judgment, but recruiting blues run deep - Dr. Saturday - NCAAF  - Yahoo! Sports
    [Ed. - Little late on this, but it's the best treatment of the Vols' recruiting woes that rounded the 'net last week.]

  • Twitter / Eric Berry: Can u please think twice b ...
    Can u please think twice before u pull ur pistol?? A stray bullet has my little cousin in the hospital. Come on ppl damn.

  • SEC weighs tweaking men's basketball format - ESPN
    The Southeastern Conference is considering tweaking its men's basketball format. The league is looking at possibly scrapping its divisions and putting all 12 teams together for the regular season. It also might keep the divisions and seed the teams Nos. 1 through 12 for the postseason tournament. Conference commissioner Mike Slive says the options will be discussed during the league's annual spring meetings this week.

  • Slive stays the course on expansion " GoVolsXtra
    Mike, is the SEC going to expand past its current 12 teams? Maybe next year? Or in five years? By two teams? By four teams? "I'm going to say what I've said before and that's all I'm going to say," said Slive, sounding a bit like Forest Gump. "Given our success of the past decade, we are very comfortable where we are and the family we are in. "If there is a significant shift in the conference paradigm, then we'll be strategic and thoughtful about that."

  • 2010-2011 College Basketball Preseason Top 25 - Big 12 Hoops
    19. Tennessee Volunteers I could have ranked Tennessee higher, but I still think they won last year with emotional momentum. They also lost three of their top four scorers. But I have faith that they'll find a way to compete in the SEC with Hopson and Tatum leading the way.

  • Chism opens eyes with Bucks' workout " GoVolsXtra
    Wayne Chism is out trying to change perceptions.

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