An Imaginary Conversation Between Tennessee's Collective Fanbase and Mike Hamilton

Fanssmall_medium Mr. Hamilton! Nice to meet you! I'm a lifelong Vol fan and UT alum. Listen, i think you've been doing a terrific job, but there's one thing that's bothering me...

Smallmike_medium Nice to meet you. It's always great to get out in front of our fans. What's on your mind?

Fanssmall_medium Well, it's this Buffalo thing...

Smallmike_medium You mean the way the white man hunted buffalo almost to extinction just to drive the Native Americans off the Great Plains? I agree, it's a travesty often overlooked in American History.

Fanssmall_medium Yeah, no. I mean the way you dropped an incredible home-and-home series with UNC to play a team like Buffalo

Smallmike_medium Well, I have heard a lot about that. Be assured that I will take your concerns into consideration, and that every move we make is for the good of the program. (Sound of zipper, followed by splashing.)

Fanssmall_medium Um, Mike, are you, uh, going, on my leg?

Smallmike_medium What? No, of course not.

Fanssmall_medium Then why is my leg wet?

Smallmike_medium  It's raining.

Fanssmall_mediumNo it's not, Mike. You just went on my leg and told me it was raining. I mean, look at my khakis.

Smallmike_medium  You know, Tennessee teams in the early 40s wore khaki due to colorful dyes being used for the war effort.

Fanssmall_medium No Mike. Didn't know that. But there's still the issue of my leg being wet.

Smallmike_medium  No, your leg is dry. Know what else is dry? Seats in the Tennessee Terrace. Can I interest you...

Fanssmall_medium No, Mike. I've got to go find a clean pair of...

Smallmike_medium  A pair of seaons tickets can be had for face value plus a $100 donation to the Tennessee Fund Fanssmall_medium ...

Smallmike_medium But if you want parking, it'll be $5000.

 Fanssmall_medium Thanks for your time, Mike. Good luck this year. Go be seen around Bruce. A lot.

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