Talking Points: Gameday Walk Through Edition

Part III of the Inmates Running the Asylum here on RTT


  • It would appear that Coach Dooley is having the team go through a game day dress rehearsal today. It would also appear that Coach has taken the time to learn up on Tennessee Football traditions, so he can teach the young'ns with some authority.

“Traditions are only good if you truly embrace them,” said Dooley. “If you say we are doing this, but you don’t really invest in it and do it the right way then you shouldn’t even do it.

“The ones that we are going to hone in on we are going to do it right. I believe in that. Otherwise we wouldn’t do it.”

This may very well be the closest Coach Dooley has come to an actual criticism of the previous regime.

  • Speaking of the previous regime, it appears that Chris Walker has been very impressed with freshman defensive ends Corey Miller and Jacques Smith, two of the guys they helped lure to Tennessee.

"They're miles ahead of any freshman I've ever seen come in," Walker said. "They're ready to play right now, and they will play right now."

The article goes on to say that Walker, Gerald Williams & Malik Jackson will likely be the main factors in that rotation but it is encouraging to hear about some actual quality depth at a position. Also nice to note that we should have Ben Martin back in the fold next year.


  • In the 3rd phase of the game, Gerald Jones chimes in to talk about all things punt return while Dooley mentions he's been lucky enough to have stand out return men at every stop he's been.

“I’m so excited man,” Jones said. “It’s an adrenaline rush and it’s a lot of fun, but it also comes down to first and foremost making smart decisions, and I think I do that.”

Coach Derek Dooley concurred with rule No. 1 — catch the ball.

“It starts with ball security,” Dooley said. “And then, of course, No. 2 is his ability to make guys miss in space. It’s a natural gift. It really is. Now there’s a lot of technique associated with being a good returner as it relates to catching the ball, but you have natural ball-judge skills and natural elusive skills, and those cannot be taught."

I like having Gerald back there, he looked good in the role in 2008 before he got hurt and I hope he does well with his chance.

  • It seems a lot of teams are playing the NCAA Clearing House waiting game lately and the Vols are no different, as receiver Justin Hunter and linebacker Martaze Jackson are still being held out of practice while their paper work clears. Coaches feel confident that nothing is wrong but yikes, its almost game week!


  • The Leader has a good comprehensive preview of the upcoming SEC basketball season. The preview includes Scotty Hopson and Tobias Harris as 2 of "10 key players in the league" and Harris is also included among "freshman they can't wait to see". I must say that I can't wait either.
  • Bruce Pearl will be poppin' a wheelie for Outlive. (Please please please let Bruce lead the caravan in an orange Evil Kinevel outfit) Seriously though, this is a great cause that has raised $275,000 for the Cancer Institute at the UT Medical Center in 2 years, well on pace to reach their goal of $1 million in 5 years.

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