Vols simulate Vol Walk, locker traditions, game analysis, and presumably also, you know, actually playing football

Talking Points!

Wednesday Coach DD and our scrappy-rebuilding-patchwork-bad-news-(seriouslyrankedbehindKentucky?)-ne-er-do-well Vols totally acted exactly like they were playing big-time football with stadiums and Vol walks and other cool stuff. 


Head coach Derek Dooley and staff set up a complete pregame itinerary that included a trial Vol Walk, pregame locker room traditions, halftime responsibilities and even the postgame media operation.[volnation]

So- How'd it go?

There were two occasions out there — one time we went from nickel to goal line and we had 12 guys on the field. And then we had a couple of issues on the sideline, a guy trying to make adjustments and he supposed to be in the octagon ready to get on the special teams play. [volnation]

The takeaway here? As disturbed as we may well be by this new age of indeterminate football simulacrum, our players descend from a frickin' octagon

While pretend games also apparently have pretend-nobodywilltellus-stats, this particular brush with the postmodern did have a starter list:

Secondary: cornerbacks Eric Gordon and Art Evans; safeties Prentiss Waggner and Janzen Jackson. Linebackers: LaMarcus Thompson, Nick Reveiz and Herman Lathers.
Defensive line: ends Malik Jackson and Chris Walker; tackles Montori Hughes and Victor Thomas.
Offensive line: (from left to right) Dallas Thomas, JerQuari Schofield, Cody Pope, Jarrod Shaw and Ja'Wuan James.
Skill positions: tight end Luke Stocker; receivers Denarius Moore, Gerald Jones and Zach Rogers; tailback Tauren Poole; and Simms at quarterback. 


In related (but bad) news, Coach DD received word before the scrimmage from the (totally not at all simulated) NCAA Clearinghouse that Eddrick Loften will not start this season. He may still have a shot as as a mid-term enrollee post-season. There's also no word on Justin Hunter's status:

 The other issue on the table regarding talented freshman Justin Hunter has still not been resolved by the NCAA, a point of growing frustration for Dooley that UT is desperately trying to clear up before the Sept. 4 opener against UT Martin. Based on a Facebook update on Hunter’s page, he’s tired of the problem dragging out as well and wondered "when the NCAA (is going) to let him play." 


The Vols practice again Friday before resting over the weekend.

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