Vols Rest, Hunter Waits, Berry Does Work (and other talking points)

Coach Dooley is giving the players the weekend off to rest up their legs and such: (1) The very first thought that pops in the brains of most Vol fans upon hearing such news is some variation on the theme of "please for the love of all things sacred let them stay out of trouble."  At the very least, Dooley implored them (duplicate link) to obey the wishes of me and you. (2) Perhaps our second thought might be something along the lines of "but hold on, couldn't they just work around the clock?".  To which Dooley might respond with something like this.

Bad news: still no updates on the Justin Hunter situation.  Good news: our head coach is a pretty funny dude:

"They wont tell us anything. They just say it’s in a file and they’re getting into it in the order they’re looking at things.’’

"I’m sure they (the Eligibility Center) are not burning the midnight oil to get it done, either,’’

"It’s Friday at 5. It’s Happy Hour so there is probably no file-reviewing going on right now in Overland Park (Kansas).’’

 Stewart Mandel -- who many people believe to be an abject moron -- picks the Vols  to finish a lowly 4-8.  For what it's worth, Conquest ChronicLOLs seems to think that Stewart Mandel is a shining beacon of rationality.  I'll let you draw your own conclusions from that.

You're reading this blog, so you already know that Eric Berry can and will deliver a ferocious hit whenever he feels the need to do so.  So headlines like this probably don't surprise you....but I bet they make you smile.  Now if only he'd knocked Desean Jackson out of that Cal game...

I could close out this post with a plethora of links that included a smorgasbord of overdramatic chatter about the sanctity of the Ohio State/Michigan game and the pros and cons for putting them in the same division or splitting them up.  But I actually prefer bringing joy and happiness into this world, so I'm gonna have to respectfully refrain from such linkage. 

SO, as an alternative.......

I'd like for you to spend the next three minutes and twelve seconds with Janelle Monae.  I'm sure you'll like her very much (if you don't already, that is).



Have a great weekend, Vol fans!

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