Support your troops!

Greetings from Iraq, RTT-ers!

This upcoming Autumn, I find myself not only geographically separated from SEC football by being stationed in the north/midwest and away from the beautiful confines of Knoxville...I find myself on the opposite side of the world!  Life over here is VERY different than back in the states for obvious reasons in addition to no network TV (CBS, NBC, ABC), ESPN (and their myriad of sub-channels), and Fox Sports.  Fortunately, we do have access to 'these here internets' but the bandwidth and up/download speeds are much to be desired. As such, streaming of ESPN3 is not a viable option for me.  For years now, RTT has been my first site-of-the-day to get the latest news on Tennessee athletics and CFB in general.  This habit is still in effect while in a forward-deployed environment and I feel just as knowledgeable about this year's team as I have in year's past.  (Thanks, Joel & staff!)  Having said that, this Airman has a simple request for my brothers and sisters clad in orange:

Can somebody (multiple bodies?) capture Vols' games (and other games of interest) on DVD(s) for me?

I'm certainly going to be glued to the computer (as best as I can)  to stay up to date on end results, so I'm not at all worried about timeliness of the delivery.  I just want to be able to say to my 'Bammer friends later this year "Yes, I know we won...but we could have played sooo much better!  Did you not see the way that we abused the Gators in our victory over them, 6-wks ago?!

I also didn't look far enough ahead and left all my Big Orange paraphernalia back in the states.  Dumb of me, I know.  If anybody has any extra schwag to send this way (Have you ever wondered what a magnetic Power T looks like on the side of an MRAP?), I promise to get you awesome pictures like this:

(Image via XtennesseeX @ Volnation.  Who knows where he/she got it though, so apologies to the photo owner if its different than whom I've given credit.)

Back to my primary request about getting DVD's of the Big Orange...if you're interested and able, shoot me an email and I'll get you my mailing address here.

Oh, and I also just realized that my request is probably illegal--in violation of Federal law, I'm sure.  So I'm actually rescinding my request for you to reproduce broadcasted material unless you have the expressed, written consent of the respective broadcasting company.  But, if somebody just happens to send me  an unmarked DVD containing video depictions of a certain team playing a certain type of game...well, I can't stop them.  Just saying.

Thanks to all for your continued support.


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