Guessing Game Results Reveal Reason For Disappointment

I think I discovered much of why last night's game against Oregon was so disappointing: our expectations were low, and they were still too high. In our pre-game Guessing Game, we posed the following three questions:

  1. How many points do the Vols give up to the Ducks (within two)?
  2. How many total yards do the Ducks get (rushing and passing, within 20)?
  3. Which Tennessee player gets the second-most receptions?
The answers to those questions:
  1. 46-50
  2. 427-467
  3. Tauren Poole and Zach Rogers (who each had three receptions behind Denarius Moore's four).

We had 24 entries, so for three questions, there were a possible 72 points. How many points did we get as a group? Five. Not a single person got the points right, and we were all under, most of us significantly under. Only golfballs03 got the yards right. Everybody but VolnVA, who actually overshot it by three yards, was under on yards, again, mostly significantly under. And while most of us were expecting a solid game from Luke Stocker as the team's second-leading receiver, only VolBrian, Knox the Fox, and NickDrake87 guessed Poole. Poor bobothevol guessed Zach Rogers initially but changed his guess to Moore. VolnVA had the foresight to omit last names and therefore got a point for "Rogers," although I'd bet he was thinking Da'Rick and not Zach.

Anyway, we knew we were going to give up points to the Ducks, but we didn't know we'd give up that many. We knew we'd give up yards, but we weren't expecting that. And we were hoping for our NFL-ready tight end or one of our promising young blue-chip wide receivers to show up, but we had to rely on our running back and the sandwich guy (Rogers, who's between the senior leaders and the "talented" freshmen we've been waiting to see).

The Guessing Game results are after the jump. As always, if I've made a mistake in compilation, let me know.

Getoffmyvols 2 0 2
golfballs03 1 1 2
memphispete 2 DNP 2
PdxVol 2 0 2
VolnVA 1 1 2
BloodSpite 1 0 1
bobothevol 1 0 1
ChattVol 1 0 1
Graysnail 1 DNP 1
Hooper 1 0 1
jimvols 1 DNP 1
Joel 1 0 1
kingofzachland 1 DNP 1
Knox the Fox DNP 1 1
NickDrake87 DNP 1 1
RockyTopinKY 1 0 1
Smokin Turkeys 1 DNP 1
thetennesseethumper 1 0 1
VolBrian DNP 1 1
Will 1 0 1

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