our Come to (gether) Moment


i suppose this is an addition to NorCalVol's post on the Seventh Maxim- i.e. 60 MINUTES

yes, our boys, after playing a first half beyond expectations, may have quit after an unfortunate (if not obviously on its way) interception, why should we, the Tennessee fanbase, quit on them?

show me a Tennessee fan that expected our 1st half performance to be what we witnessed, and i'll show a liar (notable exception- Will :) ).

 "Sometimes players, nowdays, they get so focused on wanting to win that they don't enjoy the competitive element of the game. They don't enjoy when it gets tough, how to fight through it."

that is quite understandable from an 18-22 year old on a field in front of 102,000+ fans, in the (arguably) best conference in college football.

i would imagine, student section notwithstanding, that this is not an apt description of most folks in attendance on a Saturday in Neyland.

we have a chance, those of us who can be in the stands more one game a season (i.e. me), to not only support a new coaching regime, but a group of young players who want to "give their all for Tennessee!".

that, surely, becomes inceasingly difficult when the stadium empties out when the going gets tough.

if you are there, in hallowed Neyland, with our boys giving all they have, is it too much to stay? to stand, scream and yell, reminding those players why they are there? reminding them of the passion of Big Orange Tradition, and what it means to leave it all on Shields- Watkins Field?

think about yourself in their shoes- if you, the fan,- were lucky and blessed enough to wear the Orange on a college gridiron in autumn- only to see your fanbase turn and walk away because your team falls behind a possession or more.

they play for Tennessee, they play for their own love of the game. they also play for us.

let us reciprocate. enjoy the competition. fight through. amen.  

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