NCAA 2011: Oregon @ Tennessee

So, it's NCAA 11 Time. I'm not going to break into the details of what else the SIM said would happen that week, since I'm a genius and deleted the Dynasty that I was using and decided, in all honesty, it'd be easier to tweak stats slightly to reflect injuries and the like if I did a Play Now. So, straight to the game: light breeze, 8 pm Kickoff (why the heck can't I hace a 7pm kickoff, EA?), and two teams that were ready to go at it. So I won't hesitate to sate all of our curiousity!

Oregon won the toss and decided to receive the ball first, and they took Cunningham's kickoff from the goalline to the 23 yard line on the first touch of the game. On the first play of the game LaMichael Thomas took an inside zone 10 yards to give the Ducks an immediate first down. A sweep gained 4 on the next play, with Lathers and Walker combining to make the stop. Thomas blew up the next handoff in the backfield -- he was coming in on a blitz and hit Thomas for a loss of 4, bringing up 3rd down and 10 for the Ducks. Oregon QB Thomas had time to throw the ball -- UT only rushed 3 -- but Chris Walker did manage to get some pressure and, in any case, a deep pass over the middle to Lavasier Tunei was broken up by Anthony Anderson and Oregon would have to punt.

Janzen Jackson received the punt and went nowhere, gaining only two or three yards to the UT 18 yard line where Matt Simms would come to take over for his first drive. Poole took the carry from the Ace formation to the right side of the line and found a seam, jumping forwards for 10 yards to bring up second down and short. Simms went back to pass, then, and had Da'Rick Rodgers open over the middle against the Cover-2 but Oregon DT Brandon Bair got a hand up to knock the ball into the air and then down to the ground, incomplete. The Vols lined up in a Power formation and Poole went right up the middle, barely picking up the first down (but he did!). The Vols went Strong-I on their next snap, gaining 9 on a Stretch play to Poole. Keeping the same formation Simms went back to pass and found FB Kevin Cooper slanting over the middle for a nice gain of 15 to the Oregon 47 yard line. Poole went with a dive play to the left on first down and was absolutely lit up by #55 Casey Matthews for just one yard, and he had to come out after the play for David Oku. The Shotgun was brought out for the first time by Simms and he found Zach Rodgers on a curl route for a first down to the Oregon 35 as the Ducks lost him in their coverage scheme. Poole was announced to just hve a minor injury by Erin Andrews, but Oku stayed in to pick up 4 on a power run to the left. A counter by Oku on the next play was stuffed for a loss of 4, then, bringing up 3rd and 10 for Simms. The Shotgun was the call and Simms beat a feirce Oregon blitz with a slant pass to Zach for a gain of 17 and a first down to the Oregon 18 yard line! The Vols kept up the pressure on the next play sending 4 WRs on Verticals and Simms was able to find a wide-open Matt Milton on the seam for a Volunteer Touchdown!! Lincoln added the extra-point and it was 7-0 Vols with :48 seconds left in the opening period. Simms was 4-5 for 61 yards on that drive.

NCAA 11: Oregon @ Tennessee: Simms TD Pass (via bobothebee)

Chad Cunningham's kick was returned the the 22 yard line but that quickly became the 29 as James gained 7 running from the Ace formation. A play-action pass from the Shotgun to #26 Lewis went for nothing as Nick Reviez didn't bite on the PA and tackled the receiver for no gain. 3rd down and 3. Oregon hurried to the line and ran a Speed Option, which had promise if he had of pitched (and he should have) but he wasn't able to before Reveiz was in the backfield to drop him for a loss of 2. Punt time, Oregon and the defense had earned a 3-and-out!

Jackson again took the punt, this time finding a bit of room as he went from the 24 to the 36. Poole was back in and he took the hand-off from the I-formation for a gain of 7 and that was the end of the 1st Quarter of action. Simms threw on the next play and found Luke Stocker with a good pass in coverage that wasn't too hot or high for a gain of 4 to move the chains. Simms went back to pass again, going deep to Denarius Moore in single coverage but he was unable to make the play and it was incomplete. Heavy pressure on the next pass wasn't picked up by the O-Line and Simms delayed too much to get a good pass out of there to Stocker on the flat and it was 3rd down and 10. A screen call from the Shotgun looked conservative by Dooley but Poole managed to make two Ducks come up empty on tackles for a solid gain down to the Oregon 40 for a first down. The Vols stayed in Shotgun on first down and stayed conservative, going with a draw that was stuffed for a loss of one. A toss play from one-back proved futile for Poole on second down and it brought up a 3rd and long for Simms, and while he had Moore with a step on Oregon CB Cliff Harris, the pass was woefully high and the Vols would have to punt.

It looked like Cunningham might have an excellent punt but Anderson was unable to down the ball as a gunner and the ball bounced out of the endzone for a Touchback. Oregon ball with 3:22 left in the half. The Ducks tried the Wildcat on first down and "1B" Running Back Kenjon Barner's first carry was blown up by Ben Martin for a loss of one. #26 Malachi Lewis then took an inside handoff from the 'Gun for Oregon and only managed to get a gain of two, bringing up another 3rd and long for the Impotent Oregon offense. #23 Jeff Maehl managed to beat Lathers on a crossing route for a gain of 16, though, and Oregon was in business. Thomas's first-down pass hit #79 Asper square in the helmet, though, as he tried to turn to get back to Nick Reviez who had beat him on a blitz. The next pass to the flat was stuffed by Prentis Wagner for a gain of just three and it was third down again! Tennessee Blitzed. Oregon Capitalized. On a perfectly executed WR Screen to Maehl, Wagner miffed a tackle and Maehl was gone for a 60-yard equalizer. Beard's PAT went through the uprights and it was knotted at 7-7 with 2:20 left in the second quarter.

NCAA 11: Oregon @ Tennessee: Thomas TD Pass (via bobothebee)

David Oku brought the ensuing kickoff up to the Volunteer 20 yard line and on first down Poole was lit up on a dive for a gain of just two. On second down Simms correctly audibled to a verticals play, seeing some pressure coming, but his deep pass to a well-covered Da'Rick Rodgers was way overthrown and it was 3rd down and 8. However, the "Simm and Stock Connection" proved valuable once again as Luke Stocker beat his man over the middle and caught a well-delivered pass from Simms for a healthy gain of 16! The momuntum was rising .. sorta. On first down Simms tried to find Denarius Moore on a crossing route but Oregon's Harris jumped the route and made a perfect interception! *groan!* First Down Ducks at their own 49 yard line with 1:24 left in the half.

NCAA 11: Oregon at Tennessee: Simms INT (via bobothebee)

A short pass gained 5 on first down, and a Zone-Read to James picked up eight on the left side for a first down at the Volunteer 38. A QB run gained two for Thomas, tackled by Nick Reviez. On second down pressure from Reviez forced Thomas to get rid of it -- right into the hands of Art Evans, and then right to the ground. Incomplete what should have been a Pick Six. Oregon lived on. Oregon went conservative, handing the ball off up the middle to James who gained just two before a blitzing Lathers dropped him. The FG unit came on for Oregon for a 51 yard attempt and it was juuust wide left! Still 7-7 with 11 seconds to go in the half.

The Vols handed the ball off to Poole for the final play and he did manage to break open for 23 yards before he was tackled to end the half.Stats of note for the Half: Total Offense 147(111 Oregon), 4-5 on 3rd Down (2-5 Oregon), 6:05 TOP (3:55 Oregon).

Jackson took the opening kick of the second half up twenty yards to the Vol's 22, where Poole, Simms, and company would take over once again. Dooley went right back to the power running game, picking up 7 with a first-down handoff. On second down the Vols dialed up "HB Dive" and got a favorable look: Oregon had 11 men in the box but only 3 lined up over the center. The result? Kiss those 70 yards goodbye, Oregon. Touchdown, Tennessee!! Lincoln drilled the PAT and the Vols led once again 14-7 with 4:21 left in the 3rd Quarter.

NCAA 11: Oregon at Tennessee: Poole TD (via bobothebee)

Oregon managed to get from the goalline to just their own 18 on the opening punt, giving Green QB Thomas the ball for his first attempt in the second half. Remember how Austin Johnson had a good game against UT-Martin? Call him playmaker vs Oregon: on the first handoff, a Jet Sweep to #8 Josh Huff, the former FB went medieval on him, lowering the shoulder and then raging while Nick Reviez kindly plucked up the loose ball and ran it in 18 yards for a huge Volunteer TOUCHDOWN! Tennessee had scored twice in 9 seconds.


Kick Coverage continued to be excellent, the Ducks got the bal at their own 20 and it took a nifty return to get that far. James went up the middle on first down for only a yard, if that. On second down Montario Hughes was able to get pressure on Thomas but he was able to take it while throwing a nice strike to the man who had just fumbled, Huff, for a gain up to the Volunteer 44 yard line. The "Wild Duck" was again brought out for the same result as the last time: loss of one by Barner on the Sweep. From there the Ducks went to pass and Anothy Anderson went in for the blitz. Anderson hammered Nate Costa, who had just come onto the field to replace Thomas after Hughes got the hit two plays ago, and Costa lost the ball on the way down. #69 for the Ducks pounced on the ball, though. Costa stayed on for 3rd down and his pass went into double coverage: lucky it wasn't intercepted, and the Ducks had to punt.

Jackson returned the very long punt for about 6 yards to the 21 yard line, and Tennessee returned to the power running game. One first and second down Poole managed to net 9 yards, bringing up 3rd down and one. With the running game clicking, Simms handed the ball off to -- no, wait, playaction! Hit as he threw, Simms stayed calm enough to drop the pass into the hands of a streaking Denarius Moore all the way down to the Duck 30 yard line! Gamble: Success. A draw play on first down went for nothing and Poole gained just four on second down. Simms was sacked on the next play for a grimacing loss of 11, knocking the Vols well out of field goal range. A very odd rugby-style kick by Cunnigham actually worked out great for the Vols: Maehl, who had plenty of return room, called a fair catch at his own 10 yard line. Oregon ball, 4 seconds left in the 3rd, down 7-21.

An option pitch to James gained five on first down to end the third quarter, with Thomas back in at QB. The Ducks kept the ball on the ground, trying to counter from the Shotgun with James for a loss of one, Lathers with the tackle. On third down an underneath route to #80 Lavasier Tunei found 12 yards to move the chains to the Vol's 27. On first down Oregon channeled their inner Florida State for a WTF loss of 4. The Option Read on 2nd down went for a loss as Thomas kept it only to be hit by a blitzing Nick Reviez two yards behind the line of scrimmage. 3rd and 16. Tunei gained 12 again on an underneath route, bringing up 4th and 4 down 14 with 4:38 left from their own 32. And Oregon punted? Alright, cool. Another ridiculous punt saw Jackson tackled immediately for no gain on the return at the Volunteer 19 with 3:17 left to play.

Poole went for nothing on first down, and on second down went up the middle for a gain of four. And who would have thought, on 3rd and 16 the "Simm-and-Stock Connection®" gained 17 as Oregon forgot what "cover the middle of the field" means in a Football-Series Application. The Vols continued to pound the ball as the clock ticked, and Poole gained 4 and then 8 yards on consecutive runs up the gut. A toss play went nowhere and Oregon began calling their Timeouts. Poole went for four on second down, and on third down got the carry but only gained one. The Vols went to punt again.

The gunners for the Vols were on key as Anderson redeemed himself to down the ball at the Oregon 2 yard line with 53 seconds remaining that had not just the Volunteer crowd rumbling madly. On first down Oregon picked up a heavy Vol blitz and Thomas found Maehl over the middle, but he was unable to hang onto the ball as Anderson hit him and knocked it free. The next pass left the Vols not as fortunate: #8 Huff managed to break free on a streak play and go for 41 yards before Janzen Jackson tracked him down. Thomas spiked the ball with 41 seconds left in the game. Maehl made a great sideline catch on second down to pick up 13 with 36 seconds left, clock stopped. The Vols were very much in "Don't Break" defense at this point and Thomas had to dump off a pass over the middle to James for a gain of just five. Clock ticking, under 25 seconds to go when Thomas spiked the ball. Another short pass to James went for just 4, clock still running, 4th and 1 to go. Maehl got wide open vs the cover-two down the sideline and made a tip-toe catch at the Tennessee 13 yard line to move the chains, but there were just 3 seconds left in the game. An incompletion marked the very end of it. Tennessee won 21-7!!

The play of the game was easilly a pick-your-poison of the 70-yard Poole scramper and then the Johnson forced fumble with Nick Reviez picking the ball up for a score. I like to lean towards the latter, because I don't want to say no to this (caption contest, anyone?):


I am Austin. You will F33R Meh.

The final stats were very good for the Vols: just 237 yards of offense for Oregon and only the one score, which was a 60-yard screen on 3rd and 7 or so. The Vols had 153 yards on the ground and 304 total, with Simms going 9-15 for a 151, a TD and a pick. The running game helped Tennessee be 6-9 on third down conversions for the game while Oregon was just 3-9, which led to the Vols keeping the ball for 3:30 longer than Oregon (converted to 10:30 if we multiply 5-minute quarters by 3 and limited the Ducks to just 39 offensive snaps (The Vols had 40).

Player of the Game had to be Tauren Poole, who had 165 yards on 22 carries and the long run for the score. Vols are 2-0 and will receive Pouncey 2.0 JohnaLOL BROFLey Coach LMAOyer the Florida Gators next week!

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