Blogpollin', Week 6: When It All Falls Apart, v.1

So my hope was this week would be the week that we could roll out the BlogPoll sheet, but two problems happened: for one, I can't get half the links to update, and for another, it's still manual override city thanks to all the FCS competition. As a result, we'll ditch it for this week and I'm hoping that we can use it soon, because when your 10-16 ranked-teams combine to go 1-6, that kind of blows the entire thing to pieces, you know?

Amazingly, this is the first week so far that the SEC Power Poll was easier to do than the BlogPoll preliminary rankings, both of which are contained here. By now, y'all know the drill - BlogPoll preliminary, SEC Power Poll preliminary, notes below the jump.

1. LSU

2. Alabama

3. Wisconsin

4. Oklahoma

5. Boise State

6. Oklahoma State

7. Stanford

8. Clemson

9. Georgia Tech

10. Oregon

11. Nebraska

12. Illinois

13. Arkansas

14. Arizona State

15. Texas

16. Michigan

17. Florida

18. West Virginia

19. Auburn

20. South Carolina

21. Virginia Tech

22. Houston

23. Kansas State

24. Baylor

25. Washington

And the SEC preliminary power poll:

1. LSU Tigers

1. Alabama Crimson Tide

3. Arkansas Razorbacks

4. Florida Gators

5. Auburn Tigers

6. South Carolina Gamecocks

7. Georgia Bulldogs

8. Tennessee Volunteers

9. Mississippi State Bulldogs

10. Vanderbilt Commodores

11. Mississippi Rebels

12. Kentucky Wildcats

Notes below the jump.

  • Soviet Winter: LSU Tigers, Alabama Crimson Tide. Scorched-earth policy has nothing on these teams, who now have no less than 2 impressive road wins apiece. In Week 6.
  • Groundhog Day: Wisconsin Badgers, Oklahoma Sooners, Boise State Broncos, Oklahoma State Cowboys. Hey look, a random mishmash of title contenders waiting on LSU or Alabama to lose! Wisconsin jumps to the top of the pile after the demolition job they pulled on Nebraska, although it looks very similar to what Oklahoma did to Florida State. I give Wisconsin the slightly better victory, but OU was a road win, so it balances out? Boise State and Oklahoma State at least have decent wins (and don't look now, but Boise's bombing of Georgia might not be a bad victory here soon).
  • The Solstice Group: Stanford Cardinal, Clemson Tigers, Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets, Oregon Ducks. My hope is that by putting Clemson this high they'll lose and thus spare us the awkwardness of Clemson being good at football for a full year, but until then why shouldn't they be here? Georgia Tech, like the triple option, is capitalizing on other's mistakes to work their way toward success, and they're the poster child for "who do they drop behind?" for this week. Stanford and Oregon are content to beat the crap out of their opponents and mark time.
  • Pinball Wizards: Nebraska Cornhuskers, Illinois Fighting Illini, Arkansas Razorbacks, Arizona State Sun Devils, Texas Longhorns, Michigan Wolverines. There's probably an argument to put Illinois at the top of this group, but, that just looks wrong, doesn't it? Arkansas and Arizona State I clearly have no idea about, as they've just been all over the place. I don't trust Texas or Michigan based on recent history, but they seem to have both figured things out. Am I underrating them? Overrating them? I have no clue.
  • Team I Got Housed By a Top Ten Team: Florida Gators, West Virginia Mountaineers, Auburn Tigers, South Carolina Gamecocks, Virginia Tech Hokies. South Carolina's the oddity here, but the head-to-head gods decreed it so it must be. It feels wrong to rank Auburn, too. Order here is roughly by margin and embarrassment of said beatdown, except for South Carolina, who have truthfully deserved a drop for a while now.
  • Legends of the Bottom of the Rankings: Houston Cougars, Kansas State Wildcats Power Towels, Baylor Bears / Robert Griffin III and His Merry Men, Washington Huskies. Yup, I ran out of ideas again. Help!
  • SEC Power Poll Notes: Fortunately, I can rank LSU and Alabama equivalently in this poll, which I will freely choose to do so. Arkansas and Florida end up where they are basically due to how badly Alabama beat them by, and I don't think Auburn's better than either. Head-to-head takes care of Auburn, South Carolina, and Georgia, and yes, fine, finally I dropped Mississippi State below us. You want us ahead of Georgia? We'll make the case on Saturday. Also, Ole Miss gets off the bottom of the barrel for winning a road game. This actually kind of seems like it makes sense, aside from the confusion between us and UGA which gets sorted out soon enough.
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