BlogPoll Week Nine Preliminary

BlogPoll is a lot harder this week, in case you didn't notice, so opinions are strongly encouraged. Explanations after the jump. 

1. LSU

2. Alabama

3. Stanford

4. Oklahoma State

5. Boise State

6. Clemson

7. Oregon

8. Michigan State

9. Wisconsin

10. Oklahoma

11. Arkansas

12. Texas A&M

13. Kansas State

14. Nebraska

15. Arizona State

16. Texas Tech

17. South Carolina

18. Virginia Tech

19. Houston

20. Michigan

21. Georgia

22. Miami

23. Washington

24. Eggs and batter

25. Baylor

LSU and Alabama: The LSU Tigers and Alabama Crimson Tide comprise this aptly-named group. Seriously, these two just aren't fair. We can debate order all we want, but I was a bit more impressed with the Tigers. 

Undefeated four pack: Stanford Cardinal, Oklahoma State Cowboys, Boise State Broncos, and Clemson Tigers. These can really be put in any order, but Stanford has just demolished every team in their schedule. Beating Washington by 30+ says something, their nth straight win of 25+, where n is a large number that's an NCAA record. Oklahoma State can score on anybody, but you can run on them. Or at least Missouri could've, if they'd wanted to. Boise State can't realistically let teams hang like they did this week if they want to stay in the picture. Clemson. . . they're good, they might go undefeated, they're the most un-Clemson Clemson I've ever seen. But things like the first half against Maryland scream "Clemson!"

One loss four pack: Oregon Ducks, Michigan State Spartans, Wisconsin Badgers, Oklahoma Sooners. No debate on Oregon? Good. I was totally wrong on Sparty. Far and away the worst loss of the bunch, but now has the best win of the bunch. It won't take much to override their head to head with Wisconsin (Hail Mary as time expires is as close as two teams get), but it holds for now. Sooners are the only ones here with a home loss. These might not be as interchangeable as 3-6, but you can argue 7-10 in any order. If you disagree, please do. 

You tell me where they go four pack: Arkansas Razorbacks, Texas A&M Aggies, Kansas State Wildcats, Nebraska Cornhuskers. Varying degrees of good records. No losses outside the top ten (plus each other). Arkansas beat A&M. K-State looks like smoke and mirrors, but they get to prove themselves hosting Oklahoma this week. Nebraska also gets to prove themselves this week against Sparty. 

I'm honestly convinced these are top 25 teams (for now) four pack: Arizona State Sun Devils, Texas Tech Red Raiders, South Carolina Gamecocks, Virginia Tech Hokies. ASU's three TD victory over the Trogans looks better now (and people are finally believing me when I say their Illinois loss was anomalous). Texas Tech now has a big win over OU to go with a pair of home losses to top 15 teams and no bad losses (but a narrow escape against Nevada). I won't spike Carolina for not having Lattimore until they look bad without him (hopefully this week). Virginia Tech does continue to win, and their only loss is to a top notch Clemson team. 

Uhhh, whatever six pack: Houston Cougars, Michigan Wolverines, Georgia Bulldogs, Miami Hurricanes, Washington Huskies, Cincinnati Bearcats. Houston keeps beating bad teams by a lot. Michigan's loss looks better, but their best win looks worse. Otherwise, they're just beating bad teams by a lot. Georgia is improving and hasn't lost to an unranked team. Outside of the suspension game, Miami has lost narrowly in Blacksburg, beaten UNC away, and run circles around Georgia Tech. Washington still has some decent wins, and Stanford would beat lots of teams by 30. Cincy keeps on winning, their offense is outstanding, and their run D stats look really strong (and we ran on them!). 

Do we have to have a 25th team?: Robert Griffin IIIYou've basically got Penn State (whose resume consists entirely of 5 point wins over teams they should beat by 20), Syracuse (who lost to Rutgers), Florida State (who has good losses but also has three losses), Auburn (see Florida State), Southern Miss (with that nasty loss to Marshall), and the entire Big XII (save Kansas and Iowa State). I genuinely think Missouri is decent, but they are 3-4 and will soon drop to 3-5 (you try playing road games against Kansas State, Arizona State, and Oklahoma, leading up to a home date with Oklahoma State and another roadie in College Station). So we have Texas and Baylor, who are both 4-2 with losses to teams that are actually good and wins over competitive mid-majors. Woo RGIII!

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