Ain't Nuttin' worse?

I can't take it anymore. I'm breaking Irish on a portion of our cough hack vomit fan base.

I'm seeing it everywhere.

"Theres nothing worse than (insert recent loss here)!"

"No excuse!"

"We should have won!"

Who died and made you Pat-friggin-Summerall?

Folks who know me personally know when I get irate because apparently my brogue comes out in my speech. My coworkers have been giving me wide birth since this afternoon when I first started seeing and hearing the maddening repeated phrase of "Fire Dooley."  My wife told me she'd talk to me after I had gotten home from work and had a pint of the black stuff.

Yup, I'm that ready to eat the head off of folks, and that's not me just twistin' the hay either.

Usually I'm on the craic, but this is ridiculous. I won't apologize for this but I am fully expecting the above noted Tennessee fans  representatives to start acting like hack puke barf gag Arkansas fans. I will, however, beg your forgiveness for any inflection you have no inkling of.


The straw found the camel when while listening to the Chris Treet show a caller said we should hire Nick Saban.

Nick Saban?!

Has the whole world gone bloody mad?

Big name coaches aren't available at the local Wal-Mart you know.

"Lessee here I think I'll take a Bear Bryant, and oh look honey! Les Miles is on sale! Quick get two, will you?"

If you think for one single instance that Nick Saban, John Gruden, Les Miles or any other already producing coach former producing coach with half a brain  job security that's Arthur Guinness talking.

You think they want to come here?

You fire Dooley after 2 seasons and you can bet yer Y-front that they ain't gonna have any desire to come here.

Back when Buffalo came to town I made a comparison:


Desperate for football while I was there, I have the dubious position of having attended more UB football games than my wife has (I went to three), an Alumni of the institution. Unfortunately, I also watched them during the Jim Hofher years, which arguably could be called their darkest times in their program. In 2002 while I was in NY they went 1 -11.

Tennessee fans who feel we have "poor seasons" when we go to a bowl game should take a long look at that record.

Because it was followed by a 2003 record of....1-11.

We are not the first program to get royally banjaxed. We will not be the last.

All of these back porch Athletic Directors are about as useful as a chocolate teapot, and need to get their head on straight.

Am I proud of being a Vol? Yer bloody well skippy.I'm proud of where we have been. I'm proud of where we are going.

What don't kill you makes you stronger. Great victories are not won in a season, they come from determination, work, effort, and struggles.

Nothing is free. Nothing happens over night.

Look, it's a bloody game. Things don't go the way you planned or the blery bogtrotter wouldn't be gambling on the blasted thing would they? That's because in the end its still a hames of a game of chance.

Things haven't been very jammy for us. We know it.

However you don't get instant victory.

  • Take One Derek Dooley
  • Add water
  • Microwave on high for 1 season and 3 months
  • Sprinkle with over 40 freshmen
  • Allow to cool over spring practice

Congratulations you just cooked a NCAA Championship. Feeds approximately 1.2 million fans.

If it was that bloody easy it'd be done every day ya jabs!

Every time you leave a game early, you make a bad impression on recruits.

Every time you start showing yer flippin rear at a game, cursing the coach, cursing the game, you make a bad impression to perspective recruits.

Take a step back. Get your head out of your ulterior motive and look at the situation for what it is. Dooley is not gonna bloody recruit Usain Bolt as a Running Back in this lifetime.

But beating up the coach, the players and the team ain't gonna help a bleedin thing. Period. In fact a solid argument could be made that your making it bloody well worse.

As a parent if I had a kid who was looking to play football at UT and saw the crowd act the way it did when we played South Carolina, I'd tell my kid to go somewhere else.

I have never been more embarrassed to be a Tennessee fan and it has nothing to do with the players or the game.

Our season is mingin ugly, it is.

But. We. Must. Have. Patience.

If ya cant have patience, then you really need to consider taking up a sport that doesn't require any, like underwater horse polo or something.

It's a nawful curse that has befell us. Call it the Fulmer Curse if you wish. Perhaps it is simply our time to suffer, and struggle like so many have before us and will after us.


Look I'm not going to rabbit on and on about the patience factor. But mates we gotta pull it together for this team

There ain't a bloody well one of us who is stepping foot on the field. No one ran us over on Saturday. None of us hurt like hades to step foot out of the rack on Sunday morning because someone clobbered us in the backfield.

These boys are taken a beaten, and we are bashing them and their leadership callin for his head.

Bloody foolishness.

I'm gonna tell ya like it is mates. It can be worse.

Scroll back up and look at those numbers from UB.

"Oh but thats MAC ya bloody mick!" ya say. Well lets just look around here shall we?

Vandy's all time record is 562-570. They've been our whipping for how many years? Anyone remember them in 2009?

2005 and 2006 Alabama anyone?

1998 and 1999 Auburn Tigers?

How about the 2000 and 2001 Wildcats?

This stuff happens and you either suck it up, and handle it like an adult or go crying to momma.

When I went to boot camp for the Army I had a DI yelling in my face each and every day explaining just how low on the food chain and how many generations of my family before me were utter failures in the face of humanity. For some folks like myself that motivates us to get bad, and fight back.

In others after a while, they get tired of being beat down and they walk away.

This team has been smacked around for almost 2 years. By their coaches, by the media, by the fans. Using my analogy, here's a tip...there's a reason boot camp is limited to X amount of weeks per service branch.

And you want them to perform? On command demand for a fan base that is rapidly becoming ludicrus?


Ludicrus. We are approaching it.

The animosity does not help.


On November 12 I'll be at the Arkansas game.

To date I have been to a total of about 20 games in as many years. I have never been to a losing game.

I fully expect to attend one this year: But it will not stop me from being a Tennessee Volunteer fan.

It will not stop my support of the players.

It will not stop my support of the coach.

It will not stop my support of the team as a whole.

Everyone wants to be an expert. Everyone wants to be first.

Ask Clay Travis why he chucked Dooley under the bus a month ago. Because he wants to be first (turf accountant lawyer).He wants to be known as a bloody savage instead he looks thick as a brick.

I don't want to be an expert. I don't want to be first. I don't want to make a bloody dime off what I do here.

I do it because I love the University of Tennessee and the Volunteers. In that way I am a Volunteer myself.

Derek Dooley can make this team in to something special. I think he has the ability, I think he has the knowledge.

If only the man jack of us would get the hades out of his way, stop gabbing and let the man work.


I'm done here.

Carry on.

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