UPDATED: Missouri not "southern" enough?

A quick look at the "southern basis" of Missouri.

I never thought I'd get to use my telecom background to justify a college to the SEC before, but stranger things have happened.

In this case we get to look at the longitude and latitude of SEC schools.

If we use the logic that the University of Missouri should not be admitted because they are not a "southern" school by extension we must also forfeit the University of Kentucky for similar reasons.

  • The University of Kentucky sits at 38-01'49"N Latitude and 084-29'58"W Longitude
  • The University of Missouri sits at 38-56'43.08" N Latitude and 92-19"43.68W Longitude
  • One degree of Latitude is equal to 60 Nautical miles.
  • So if we subtract the Latitude's (38.56 - 38.01 = .55) then multiple that by 60 we get 33.
  • One nautical mile is equal to 1.15 "standard" miles.  (So 33 X 1.15 = 37.95)

Round it up? The difference between where the University of Kentucky sits in Lexington Kentucky, and the University of Missouri in Columbia is a mere 38 miles.

Furthermore a quick look at Kentucky's northernmost border, which sits at 39-13'00.6" and 84-75'40.28", we can see that clearly University of Missouri is below that of Kentucky's state line by almost 40 miles.

Here's a simple graphic with the SEC colleges represented by Flags


If your one of the Mason-Dixon line arguers, without digging up long blown historical data and creating open wound on a sensitive issue just a historical note that the losing faction in one of our countries darkest hours recognized Missouri's secession on October 30, 1861.

Other things to note.

  • From University of Missouri  to Vanderbilt it is 431 miles.
  • From University of Arkansas to Vanderbilt it is 530 miles
  • From University of Tennessee to the University of Arkansas it is 708 miles
  • From University of Tennessee to University of Missouri? 609 miles
  • From Louisiana State University to University of Tennessee? 656 Miles
  • And just for giggles? College Station to Knoxville? 940 miles

So effectively we can establish based on this numbers and geography that Missouri is "southern" and in fact arguably a closer competitor by both distance and geography than other schools in the SEC already.


UPDATED (by request of Hooper)

Mleage counter

 All mileage is caluculated from City to City versus street to street and by driving directions versus flying.

  • Mizzou (C) to Florida (N)-
  • Mizzou (C) to Arkansas (D)-
  • Mizzou (C)to Texas A&M (L)-
  • Mizzou (C)to Miss State (K)
  • Mizzou (C) to Ole Miss (J)
  • Mizzou (C)to Vandy (H)
  • Mizzou (C) to Tennessee (A)
  • Mizzou (C) to Auburn (I)*
  • Mizzou (C) to Alabama (F)
  • Mizzou (C) to Kentucky (B)
  • Mizzou (C) to LSU (E)
  • Mizzou (C) to UGA (G)
  • Mizzou (C) to U South Carolina (M)

Average miles: 642

By comparison the nearest SEC school to Mizzou would be Arkansas with an Average of 549 miles. That over 1k to Gainsville really hits Mizzou hard.

*As noted in the comments for some reason Auburn could not be located on this map system. While the placement on the map is innaccurate, the mileage is correct.

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