The Wager: The return of BloodSpite & V00d3w

Long time readers to RTT will remember the debacle that befell me last year during the Tennessee vs Georgia match up.



For those of you whom don't recall, well, let me give you some clarification

Once upon a time in land far far away (from my current home of Missouri) and long ago (when I was still skinny getting speeding tickets were considered a good thing for some freakishly unexplainable reason) there were two guys who had known each other since middle school.


They and their band of merry men did everything together. Party, drive, music, the works. But one day a year that friendship was called off, and neutral territory had to be found else violence shatter their little world. That day was the Tennessee versus Georgia game day. Intro yours truly and his arch-rival of the day, who shall be known only by his blog handle of V00d3w.

These two friends later came to run a website together, and are still in touch today. But the Tennnessee vs Georgia game has gotten higher stakes than a simple scrap in the driveway over who had better wheels, Herschel Walker or Condrige Holloway. For you see I have always been a tried and true Tennessee Vol fan. I bleed orange and white and had my wife not had better sense, would have named my first born Phyllis in honor of Phillip.

My friend, bless his heart, lost his way in the darkness of life and by some queer twist of fate was possessed by a foul creature that twisted his mind, deluding him in to thinking that Georgia was a superior program to our beloved Vols. Sadly his psychosis was not outgrown, and in fact has manifested itself even stronger in his older age. I can only hope that in our later years shock therapy is made available to him via social services.

Last years stake may be remembered by the long time readers here. Some of you may recall the travesty that struck the Youtube world regarding my performance of the GA Fight song. Somewhere cold, quiet, and dark General Neyland cried at my garb and my humiliation. However I am a man of my word and honor. I kept my end of the bet.

This year, unfortunately the fates have seen fit to render me ill, so V00d3w was kind enough to rescind a repeat of last years performance. My singing voice is hardly anything to brag upon when well, let alone when vile evil things clutch at my throat and render me barely able to scratch out the words to the simplest of pleasures like "THWG!"

Instead it will be a wager pertaining of vice that he and I both have possessed over many years....that of cigars.

The rules are simple.

  • The Losing party purchases the Victor one (1) box of stogies of his choice 
  • Price is to be over $20 and under $50 excluding shipping & handling charges (This is a friendly barter after all and we aren't trying to bankrupt anyone)

However, given the humiliation that I suffered at the hands of those verdammt Bulldogs last year, I would like to up the ante. I feel confident that we will reign superior over this upstart pups, and we will strike down these silver spooned mamma's boys whose shorts glow from their summer vacations at Tybee Island.

Sound off with your ideas ladies & gentlemen. Suggestion are not only welcomed, they are desired!

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