BlogPoll Week 7 Preliminary

This is late, I know. I'm going to further compound it by not posting the sheet results - although last year's version basically is up and running. I'm using it as a check, and for the most part it's okay, but there are some oddities (like Michigan State in the Top 10, and Tennessee in there at all let alone in the top 20, and Penn State how'd you get here?). Still, we're actually fairly close to the sheet save some details. Limited notes below the jump, and this week was kind of boring unless you like watching Florida State lose. This happens when the only top 25 teams you have in the poll lose to other, higher-ranked top 25 teams. I thought we were done with the quality-of-victory rigamarole.

1. LSU

2. Alabama

3. Oklahoma

4. Wisconsin

5. Boise State

6. Oklahoma State

7. Stanford

8. Clemson

9. Georgia Tech

10. Oregon

11. Arkansas

12. Nebraska

13. Illinois

14. Arizona State

15. Michigan

16. West Virginia

17. Texas

18. Houston

19. South Carolina

20. Virginia Tech

21. Kansas State

22. Baylor

23. Washington

24. Notre Dame

25. UL-Lafayette

  • The big four are the same as always. Oklahoma might have an argument for #2, but I think this is their Florida equivalent. The massive gap of teams in the 10-15 range was going to make Texas getting woodshedded look better than it was.
  • Arkansas joins the second tier, I think. Nebraska, however, decidedly does not. I really want to punish them more for basically needing an injury to Braxton Miller to win, but then that means Illinois jumps them and hello, eye test failure.
  • Similarly, I don't want to punish Texas too much - I give Florida some slack for Alabama / LSU (even though I'm dropping them out of the polls on account of two losses but adding Notre Dame because my logic is nothing if fallible).
  • Houston is the random climbing mid-major who'll drop like a stone as soon as they lose.
  • UL-Lafayette is there because I'm bored, and Florida absent a QB probably doesn't deserve to be ranked. Plus, I was only ranking Auburn out of duress.
  • Ballot swing this week is pathetic. Please, someone suggest some radical changes.
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