BlogPollin, Week 13 Preliminary: In Which We Shrug Our Shoulders and Hope

All right. So let's start with what we know this week.

1. LSU

That's it. We're done here, right? Everyone else has spit the bit in varying degrees, and man do I hate the idea of a rematch, but I don't know if I see a choice right now. Someone needs to step up and in a hurry.

2. Alabama

3. Oklahoma State

4. Arkansas

5. Stanford

6. Boise State

7. Houston

8. Oregon

9. Oklahoma

10. Virginia Tech

11. Wisconsin

12. South Carolina

13. Georgia

14. Michigan State

15. Clemson

16. Michigan

17. Kansas State

18. Baylor

19. TCU

20. Arkansas State

21. Virginia

22. Notre Dame

23. Penn State

24. Georgia Tech

25. BYU

That looks awful. Notes below the jump.


  • Please LSU, Don't Hurt 'Em: LSU. Ho hum.
  • Team Didn't Suck This Week: Alabama. I hate this.
  • Team Whoops: Oklahoma State. I still hate this.
  • Team Chaos Master: Arkansas. I'm really hoping Arkansas pulls off the upset against LSU, not because I want them to win, but at this point that's the only domino left holding off the dam against utter chaos.
  • Team Sixes and Sevens: Stanford, Boise State, Houston, Oklahoma, Oregon, Virginia Tech. That's the waiting room at this point, although there's some recent carnage across the board here. Houston's effectively locked out, and shockingly Virginia Tech might be the most likely of this entire lot to make a move. That doesn't mean they won't get rolled if they do, but once again, when the ACC schedule is over, there they are.
  • Team Shrug and Point: Wisconsin, South Carolina, Georgia, Michigan State, Clemson, Michigan, Kansas State, Baylor. Admittedly, I'm completely in the tank for Baylor, but they have the best skins of this lot, at least at the top. Wisconsin has to be kicking themselves for not properly defending Hail Marys. The rest of this is a hot mess.
  • Team Out of Ideas: TCU, Arkansas State, Virginia, Notre Dame, Penn State, Georgia Tech, BYU. Man, that falls apart late, doesn't it?
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