DITY Dooley Pants

I'm not one for spending a lot of money on clothes.

It's not my nature.

I can't justify dropping two or three hundred bucks on something just because some fella's name is embroidered across the asset area.  Especially if its something I'm going to wear maybe 20 days out of the year at the very most.

Sure I like some nice stuff but somethings just make no sense.

And being a Do-IT-Yerself kinda fella (read: Cheap Skate) I thought it might be kinda fun to share my latest project.


Do it Yerself (or maybe I should call'im Dool-it Yer self) Dooley Pants


Now I will be the first to admit that these may not look 100% like Coach Dooley's, but I think their passable. Not perfect, but will work in a pinch, and folks will gape in wonder (or maybe gape and wonder...things like "Why in the hades would you bloody well wear those in public?")

However we already know I have no sense of shame, pride or dignity so lets just roll with it shall we

Take one pair of cheap khaki's. The lighter, the better.




Take 2 big pots, add about a half cup of salt to each pot then fill with water. Boil like heck.


I highly advise getting yourself some rubber gloves. Don't bother with the flimsy doctor style latex ones. I'm here to tell you right now that brother and sisters, that water is hot. Real hot. And if you use doctor style gloves on this little project...well....lets just say that you won't worry about transmitting any diseases for a while.


I got a pair of the thicker heavy duty rubber dish gloves. You'll need those and a bottle of orange dye.


Now I used my kitchen sink. If your spousal unit is of the type who worries over the condition of his or her kitchen this may not be the best of ideas. But after attempting to dye a shirt green for my military dress uniform once many years ago (don't ask. It's a long story, and those of you whom are current or prior service are probably already guessing how it ends. A....nnnnn..d you'd probably be correct. Moving on.) I must strongly recommend not using your machine washer. Your own personal preference may of course vary.


Now pour all that hot water in to your sink. I recommend using a total of about 3 gallons worth of water. Once you have it all in, toss in the pants. Literally.


Oh and be sure to take off the labels first. ....No I did not forget.

Now slap on the gloves like your Doctor does....(what do you mean your doctor doesn't do that? Just how old are  you whippersnappers?)

Get the pants good and soaked in the water. Once the pants are good and saturated, pour in the dye.


Now most directions tell you to add a half bottle for 3 gallons of water. But seeing as how I'm the type who doesn't bother to ask directions I just poured in the entire bottle.



Now reach in to that wonderful soupy orange goodness and start "agitating". If you don't know what that means or are unsure, just picture Les Miles face in water and squeeze a lot.

Your going to do this over and over for at least 30 minutes, so for me Les Miles worked out great. If you find yourself getting tired picture change the mental image to Steve Spurrier. What ever works for you. Just go with it.


After 30 minutes of Eau De Roasted Hands Inside Rubber glove smell with a hint of polyester now you get to rinse.

Drain your sink, and run fresh water over the fabric. Resume your squishing and agitate action until the fabric shows clean water from it. In other've squished the dye out.

Allow me to demonstrate:

Les Miles


Steve Spurrier



Let set for 24 hours. Once done stick in your washing machine BY THEMSELVES. Wash, on warm or cold normal cycle. Dry as normal as well.


Congratulations! You've just made a not-quite-but-almost-100%-UT Orange pair of pants but close enough to keep those around you wanting yours.



Pants: $12

Orange Dye: $2

Having a Pair of Orange Pants for Tennessee versus Arkansas: Priceless!

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