Our feelings towards Hamilton

I'm angry at Hamilton. I think we're all angry at Hamilton. A lot have been against him for a long time, and it's been easy to get sucked in with the crowd. I certainly have. But, now that it's been 24 hours since yesterday, I thought I'd try to sit back and figure out what he's done that should draw our ire, and what should deserve our thanks. 



  • The Fulmer situation was a mess. He needed to go, but I don't think anybody likes the way it was handled. Except Wyoming. 
  • Nobody likes Todd Raleigh, do they?
  • Three sports have been under investigation under his watch, and two have been accused of major violations. 
  • Negotiating Kiffin's buyout. 
  • The interview on Wednesday. >:(


  • Fun draising is fun!
  • Facility improvements have been well-done
  • Remember that football investigation? He had an extra compliance guy on Kiffin and pinned all the penalties on him. Well played, Mike. 
  • Hiring Bruce Pearl. That was a home run, no matter what happens from here on out

I'm not putting Kiffin or Dooley in either category. Kiffin was a package deal, risky but not foolhardy, in my opinion. Didn't work out, but I can't blame the guy for trying. Dooley looks iffy on the surface, but I like him. If he wins, this goes in the positives. But we don't know yet. 

So, with that being the evidence on both sides, is our ire justified? This week, it certainly is. Moments like Wednesday just shouldn't happen. And the Kiffin contract was absurd. These make it seem like Hamilton is clueless. But the handling of the football investigation was shrewd, the Bruce Pearl hire was great, and he does well with the finances. So maybe he's not so clueless. I'm still a bit angry at him, and I think we could probably do better, but we could also do much, much worse. 

Right now, he's in a very difficult position, and as long as he's in it, we should hope and pray that he acts with wisdom. Beyond that, I don't really know what to think. Y'all? 

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