Derek Dooley Wants to Bury Timmy in the Well

In today's Talking Points, Derek Dooley seems to be pleasantly surprised at the pass rushing ability of the defensive ends, but looks for help from the tackles via a new metaphor for containment; Dooley says the starting lineup is coming together (cornerback being a notable exception); Zach Rogers gets some well-deserved pub; Renaldo Woolridge unretires and posts a Dooley dance video; and a practice video proves that defensive players are not taught to tackle without their arms. Away we go.

Vols wishing for tackles to build a 'well' " GoVolsXtra
Comparing a collapsing pocket to being trapped in a deep hole, Dooley stressed after practice on Monday the need for his defensive tackles to supply some help for a group of ends that qualifies in some ways as a pleasant surprise midway through camp. At this point, the Vols appear to be limiting the space a passer has to operate in, but the walls don't have him completely surrounded yet. "They don't have to have sacks, but tackles can push the pocket," Dooley said. "You ever try to throw out of a well? ... If you're standing at the bottom of a well and you try to throw a ball out, it's hard. There's no room to follow through, right? You're sitting there and there's a wall. - Vols somewhat settled in
"At some positions we are (settled in), I wouldn't say that across the board," Dooley offered. "I think it's fair to say that our offensive line is getting there. Certainly with our quarterbacks and receivers we're at that point. Runners, we're at that point. "It's more on offense (where we're settled). On defense, we feel like we're at a place at linebacker. We need more depth. We're not quite there at corner. We are at safety. A lot of positions we are, but some we're not."

Justin Hunter, Da'Rick Rogers see room to improve " GoVolsXtra
It all starts and finishes with the catch chart, which tracks every single pass thrown their way during practice. Before Monday's practice, Hunter had caught 95 percent of his passes, a total that led the team. Rogers was in second with 91.

John Adams: Montana has Vols guessing " GoVolsXtra
Most Vols know more about the team than the state. Sophomore wide receiver Justin Hunter has seen enough video to address Montana's secondary in detail. "Their DBs like to bail out fast and play pretty deep," he said. "We have to take advantage of that." Vols back to work at Haslam
"We need a ton of practice," he said. "A lot of the mistakes that were made are not repeated mistakes. They're just things that we're going to have to learn over time. We need experience. We need practice. We feel good about the guys we have. We just have to develop them, coach them and get them to play well." Video: White Lightning is under the radar
There hasn't been much talk about Vols junior wide receiver Zach Rogers this fall, but that is the way he likes it. Watch as snags Rogers following Monday's practice - Video: Vols talk last week of camp

Monday post practice from Brent Hubbs on Vimeo. - Video: Vols hit the practice field

Monday practice from Brent Hubbs on Vimeo.

New tune for Renaldo Woolridge on music, videos: 'I will never give it up' " GoVolsXtra
Renaldo "Swiperboy" Woolridge posted in a Sunday night blog entry that the beat of his rap music and videos will go on, after all.

Teach me how to Dooley - Swiperboy aka SB [Unnofficial Video] - YouTube
Off of SB's upcoming mixtape "Zazzzle". Music Video coming soon... Follow SB on twitter here:

SitRep: Texas A&M To The SEC Explained (As Of The Present Moment) -
The entire Texas A&M to the SEC situation is really very simple: if you're going to set something on fire, be sure you collect the insurance payment. Spencer Hall explains the usual anarchy.

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