BS Predictions: Brent Brewer

With a Internet handle like mine you get to have a little creative licensing on how you title articles. Especially when the article pertains to ones predictions on players for the up coming season.

Totally apropos of nothing, and with little to no technical background, knowledge, formal data or engineering ability I decided to rattle off what I consider to be the Five players whom I think will be our Zephyr's, or players who will work deep in hostile territory, create plays, and otherwise be the sleeper agents of our 2011 Tennessee Volunteers line up.

So come on! Drink the Dool-Aid! Kick back! If you missed my first prediction you can check it out here. Grab a cold frosty  and join me as we embark upon the yellow brick road of fandom, as we take our first of five trips towards my 2011 breakout player predictions.

At the end of the year we can compare my totally inane, and completely without any rhyme or reason for picking these guys against the experts and we can all point and laugh at me together.


Now I didn't pick Mr. Brewer because he is from the state of Georgia.

No sir.

I would not stoop low on bended knee to otherwise reduce myself by selecting somebody just because the hail from what I more or less consider my home state.

The fact the guy allegedly screwed up royally at the beginning of this year has nothing to do with his selection this year. He did his time, Dooley cleared him, lets move on shall we?


Scouts honor.


At 6 ft 5 and 215 pounds, I chose this Defense Back for a different reason all together.

For once I'm breaking out the calculator.


This big ol fella started 6 games last season.

In those 6 games he walked away with 20 tackles, 10 Assists, a tackle for a loss and a 3 yard Punt Defense.

He also scored a fumble recovery and a pass break up.

Did you know he was selected by the Milwaukee Brewers in the 2006 Major League Baseball draft as a 2nd round pick?

I detest baseball. Don't get me started. But I found it interesting.

So why would I pick this guy for a prediction?

Because a big chunk of his stats up there took place in the last 3 games of the year, including the game against North Carolina in the Bowl. Which tells me that he was getting better at his position.

The next thing is speed.

The average speed of a Major League Baseball Player is around 4 seconds and under.

By comparison, our beloved Eric Berry clocked in at 4.4during scouting.

Brewer? 4.12

Dude is smoke on Adidas and if he's getting his hands to where they need to be this is going to be one bad hombre in our back field. 

Combined with a 32inch leap he may not be the highest reaching player, but at 215 he won't be the smallest or the slowest. Once you get something that big rolling down, it's going to be a heckuva crunch at impact. Just ask North Carolina's Tight End.


His personal life aside, he has all the makings of a solid defender who could be a cornerstone in our defense in my opinion.


He just needs to stay on this side of that straight and narrow.

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