I've been kicking through the two dozen video's I've made for Rocky Top Talk and my own website over the years.

They ain't the best quality, but for a guy with a laptop I've been pretty happy making them.

This year though it's going to be harder, especially with the NCAA restricting video images and threatening anyone who uses them.

Not just that I've been trying to decide what to do for our first one.

Then it hit me.



I've been using the zillion military motivators I have for my comments for what seems like forever.

Stuff like:



I've also used speeches. Like Al Pacino's Inch by Inch speech from Any Given Sunday (due to language I'm not linking it here.)

I've used drum line's. I've used rock & roll.

What I haven't used is stuff from ya'll

So instead of a video that will get us all sued, here's the deal:


  • Post your favorite motivator.
  • If it's a song give us a link. Same with a speech, of no link then just give us the text.
  • Post us your pictures (keep it clean gang this is a family establishment.)
  • What ever motivates you as a Vol Fan.
  • Vote with your Rec's.

When the smoke clears at the end of the week, I'll throw it all together in to a custom RTT video (unless one of you youngsters whose half my age has a fancy whizbang apparatus that does much nicer jobs than my ol reliable Windows Movie Maker want to do it.)

But that ain't all.

Each week for the rest of the season I'll take one of the items that has the highest rec's and feature it as a Motivator.

Don't know any songs? Don't know any speeches? Want to do just a simple motivator but don't have the talent to make one? Here's half the work done for ya. Once you make your master piece right click and "save as"

So come on RTT'ers! Lets see what you got!


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