BS Predictions: Zach Rogers

With a Internet handle like mine you get to have a little creative licensing on how you title articles. Especially when the article pertains to ones predictions on players for the up coming season.

Totally apropos of nothing, and with little to no technical background, knowledge, formal data or engineering ability I decided to rattle off what I consider to be the Five players whom I think will be our Zephyr's, or players who will work deep in hostile territory, create plays, and otherwise be the sleeper agents of our 2011 Tennessee Volunteers line up.

So come on! Drink the Dool-Aid! Kick back! Grab a cold frosty  and join me as we embark upon the yellow brick road of fandom, as we take our first of five trips towards my 2011 breakout player predictions.

At the end of the year we can compare my totally inane, and completely without any rhyme or reason for picking these guys against the experts and we can all point and laugh at me together.




Player number one for my predictions is none other than Zach Rogers.

Standing 6ft 2 inches and coming in at 170 Lbs Rogers came on to the field during dark times the last two years.

The UT website is showing that now he has gained 10 lbs and lost 2 inches. So either he has been pumping and at some point Dooley chewed 2 inches off him or someone got a type somewhere.

But what is not a typo is what he did on the field.

14 receptions for over 200 yards, the longest UAB at a cool 72 yards. He even managed to squeeze a  touchdown in there.

And who can forget the play in 2009 against Georgia?

Where he shows that for a big guy, he can move, and whats more he's going to force defenders to bring 2 or more to stop him once he's got the ball.


In fact it looked like he was ready to light the field on fire until he got hurt during our game with Vanderbilt.

Intro 2011.

Zach is listed on our Roster currently and from all indicators looks as if he is ready to show us what he was denied a chance to do last year.

The down side? Injuries. Even the UT trainers call his body frail. But with that extra poundage comes one of two things, cushion or more damage. For certain his frame can handle the weight, whats not for certain is how beneficial it will be yet. If the weight and work he has put in to beefing up: look out. This man could be a dangerous player to have in a slot, and defenders could seriously not look forward to having those legs churning at them at full throttle.

Charlie Baggett agrees.

“I’m very hopeful that Zach will be able to play quite a bit this year and contribute in a lot of different ways,” Baggett said. “He can play outside, he can play inside, he can get deep. He has a lot of skills, but he just has not been able to stay healthy. Hopefully he can do that this year. He didn’t weigh very much and he wasn’t as strong as he needed to be to play at this level, but he has really improved that over the course of one year. If he continues to progress like he has the first few years I think he can contribute quite a bit for us this year. In fact I’m expecting it.”


Thusly my prediction?

Look for this guy to make big plays, when it counts. If he stays healthy he will be more than just a weapon, he will be an asset. Whats more his experience will come in very handy as a resource to the other players around him.

And whether we admit it, like it, or not, we are still a young team, and every bit of experience counts right now.

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