Tennessee Tweets- Vols on Twitter Volume 2

Alright ya'll, This week's More Orange Pants addition.  With all of us sipping on a tall cool glass of Dool-aid after yesterday's record-shattering Cincinnati beatdown, here's our week's round-up of tweets:

File this one under: I did not know that.  Thanks Mr. Ward:



 Austin Ward  David Ricky is not auto-correct, by the way. His mom wanted to name him one of those names -- combined to form Da'Rick. 20 hours ago


And for those who aren't sure:  it's DAY-rick, not Duh-rick.  

Last week's weather festivities prevented our newcomers from running through the T for the first time.  



 maurice couch  MY FIRST RUN THROUGH THE T, CANT WAIT 9 Sep 


Well, Mo, this week your knee got better and you ran through the T and ya'll showed up and represented.  

Anthony Anderson:  Pick Six and Chocolate Chip Cookie Chef?  



 DOUBLE A  Must say me making cookies is a talent its self. ? 9 Sep


Vol-on-Vol love:  



<a class=  Prentiss Waggner  S/O my la potnas  n  two young boys unstoppable, better get ya mind right 13 hours ago 


Joey Kent and Quintin Hancock givin' some love to our re-emergence as WRU...


 joey kent  ": These young boys gettin it innnn...   "- yessir  20 hours ago 



Da'Rick made it on Sportscenter Top Ten last night.  The first of many I'm sure.  



 Wes Rucker  Are you kidding? Bray finds tiny sliver, finds Da'Rick Rogers for 15-yard TD. Da'Rick De'Helmeted on the play. 20 hours ago 




 Darick Rogers  #7 on ESPN for the first time yeah im livin it 12 hours ago 


I'm still not sure how that happened...but it was wonderful.


Jeannine Edwards finishes up this week's installment with some knowledge of Dooley's Glorious Orange Pants.  He says he's not a superstitious person, but if he doesn't wear those pants next week...



 jeannine edwards  Derek Dooley will be wearing THE orange pants tomorrow. They are the only ones in existence, tailor only had enough fabric for that 1 pair

9 Sep 


That tailor better bust some out, because I will have pants like those before the end of the season.  33" inseam, please.  And no white belt. Thanks! Gameday Depot may need to whip some of them up! *hint, hint* 



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