Polls, Polls Everywhere: Week 4 Preliminary BlogPoll and SEC Power Poll

We have this weird situation right now where there are about 12 teams that could go in the top 10, but 13 teams in the top 15 and about 20 teams that can get ranked from 17-25 or so.  Once again, the constant is that we don't know what we're doing, but neither does anyone else. We're still likely 1-2 weeks out from using the computer rankings, and what I may do once we're ready is throw the computer rankings up mid-week as a comparison point to see where we're at. Until then, the BlogPoll rankings.

1. LSU

2. Oklahoma

3. Boise State

4. Alabama

5. Wisconsin

6. Stanford

7. Nebraska

8. Texas A&M

9. Oregon

10. Oklahoma State

11. Florida State

12. South Carolina

13. Virginia Tech

14. Georgia Tech

15. Florida

16. Texas

17. USF

18. Baylor

19. West Virginia

20. Arkansas

21. TCU

22. FIU

23. Michigan

24. Clemson

25. Iowa State

The SEC Power Poll has the same basic problem, but in a different vein; there's a clearly defined top, a clearly defined bottom, and the rest of it is a complete mess. We'll have comments on both below the jump.


SEC Power Poll Preliminary:

1. LSU

2. Alabama

3. South Carolina

4. Florida

5. Arkansas

6. Vanderbilt

7. Auburn

8. Tennessee

8. Mississippi State

8. Georgia

12. Ole Miss

135. Kentucky

All kinds of notes below the jump.


  • The elite: LSU, Oklahoma, Boise State, Alabama. Clearly a cut above the rest at this point, but I'm a little conflicted on the order. LSU is pretty definitively at the top, but the others are roughly arranged by quality of skin on the wall. I give Georgia a slight amount more heft than Penn State (who barely beat a, well, mediocre Temple team).
  • The next level: Wisconsin, Stanford, Nebraska, Texas A&M, Oregon, Oklahoma State. I like Stanford's road skin of Arizona, so I'd entertain moving them above Wisconsin, but Wisky's looked good, too. Nebraska jumps A&M because ...well, because? I'm annoyed at A&M causing all the expansion talk, and I'm petty.
  • The morass: Florida State, South Carolina, Virginia Tech. I'm unhappy about ranking all these teams where they are - I really don't like leaving South Carolina where they are for escaping against Navy, and FSU / VT are far from impressive - but who can go above them?
  • Operation Competence: Georgia Tech, Florida, Texas, USF, Baylor, West Virginia, Arkansas. Arkansas gets the turfing I've been waiting on for a while but didn't have a reason to do it yet. Georgia Tech's defense may be spotty, but that offense is incredible. I feel a lot better about Florida (ew), far better about Texas (EW), and the rest is a mess.
  • Operation Finish the Rankings: TCU, FIU, Michigan, Clemson, Iowa State. It's TCU and a bunch of unbeaten teams; I want to leave FIU and Iowa State in, but other than that, whatever.
And the SEC:
  • Top 5 be Top 5. See the rankings above.
  • I have no idea about the rest. Vanderbilt's undefeated, and Auburn ekes out above the rest thanks to the head-to-head win over Mississippi State, but other than that? It's still a mess.
  • Kentucky be turrble. Seriously. I want to not make them.

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