Twitter Universe Rumblings Week 1

Hi ya'll!  Week 1 has come and gone, and on this fine holiday weekend, I embark on my first weekly installment here on RTT.  As Twitter Stalker, I'll try to bring you the best and the worst of the tweetspeak.  Week One had pregame jawing, scoping out the Grizz, and post game tweets.  



 Wes Rucker  Congratulated DC Justin Wilcox on starting first 2 true freshman LBs in game 1 in Vols history. "Awesome. What do I get for that?


Well, coach, you win a few oopsies on coverage, but a ton of reps for the youngsters!  

 Following in the footsteps of Dooley's infamous Rommel reference, Maurice Couch busts out a new WWII reference for a football game. 
 maurice couch  Baylor is bombing the secondary#pearl harbor,haha

Justin Hunter is just hungry.  


 A Kid Named Scott 
its football time in Tennessee 


After the win, the rain,the non running thru the T, only a few players took to twitter: 


 Prentiss Waggner 


Good win tonight!!! Bout to celebrate then back to work tmrw



 Did anyone else have flashbacks of this being really bad news?  (OMG, they are out, possibly at a bar, drinking...YIKES!)  Then we see that he has a little BasketVOL in him.  Bobby Maze and Wayne Chism would be proud:


 Prentiss Waggner  Waffle house on point

Hopefully, while there, he relayed the following message to our defense:  The opponent's offense, like some utterly delicious hashbrowns should always be Smothered and Covered.
A positive stat about turnovers

 Andrew Gribble  RT  Three  teams did not lose a turnover this weekend - Auburn, Tennessee and Vanderbilt.

That still doesn't excuse approximately one million fumbles.
Looking forward to next week?

 Andrew Gribble  Tennessee and Cincinnati combined for 1,001 total yards of offense tonight. Next week should be entertaining.

Lastly, I know the Orange Pants are a hot topic.  I'm pretty sure every Vols beat writer had a poll with a yay or nay.  Issues with the accessorizing of said pants have touched all of our lives forever.  We can lay this to rest with the following tweet:

 Austin Ward  VERY IMPORTANT FASHION NOTE: Dooley took some heat for his belt appearing not to match, but it looked brown in person. 

Dooley later noted that several staff members pushed for a white belt and white shoes.  His wife thankfully intervened, and made the decision for brown.  I appreciate Dooley not looking like a candy corn/extra in Caddyshack for out home opener. And I doubly appreciate the pants giving homage to Coach Majors before he opted for suits.

Well, folks, there you have it.  Miss anything?  Leave em below.  

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